Monday, August 8, 2016

Hillary's Dr. Toe Tag

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There has been much attention focused upon mysterious Black man who is part mind reader, part ventriloquist for Hillary Clinton and part Dr. Toe Tag in hovering around Mrs. Clinton as she falls and as her brain freezes.

I decided to see what inquiry would point to in Dr. Toe Tag, and we shall see how much this matches to what the propaganda which will be released is covering up.

Without any names, what we have here is a former Marine, with no combat deployment, who was a medic, that is being paid by the Secret Service.

Dr. Toe Tag is paid well as his attire is high price, and he likes wearing silk purple ties and purplish frilly shirts.

I did some checking on the Secret Service site to see if Dr. Toe Tag could exist, as I recall when the FBI had Oregon State Police murdering LaVoy Finicum, there was reference to a medical team, and indeed the Secret Service does indeed have it's own MERT, or Medical Emergency Response Team.
Dr. Toe Tag is literally Hillary Clinton's own traveling medic being paid for by you. If you want one, I doubt you are going to get one, even if you are billionaire like Mrs. Clinton as a freebie.

Using advanced countermeasures, the Secret Service executes security operations that deter, minimize and decisively respond to identified threats and vulnerabilities. The protective environment is enhanced by specialized resources within the Secret Service, including: the Airspace Security Branch; the Counter Sniper Team; the Emergency Response Team; the Counter Surveillance Unit; the Counter Assault Team; the Hazardous Agent Mitigation and Medical Emergency Response Team; and the Magnetometer Operations Unit.

So Dr.  Toe Tag gets his bill picked up by the tax thinking if inquiry pointed to something else after the hinky pay checks were pointed to.......

He is an American. Sorry no Ghana illegal.

Oh and inquiry states, besides the 4 known incidents of Hillary Clinton falling down, she has had since the brain bruise incident, 15 other incidents. Apparently it is not just Hamrod's tits falling down, but all of her on a frequent enough basis that one could get odds in Vegas like for sports.

Oh I know what I was going to add.......


The New York Daily News spotted Dr. Toe Tag leaving the Bill and Hillary entourage when she had the blood clot in her brain, and was grinning like monkey in her hearse. Inquiry stated then that DTT was not part of Bill or Hillary's entourage then.
He is pictured in the front passenger seat, in front of Bill by the driver. That is a prominent position in the follow car, in case Mrs. Clinton stroked out or if Mr. Bill was in need of mouth to mouth. It reveals standing and his demeanor is not security. He was simply assigned to do the breast pump on Bill and Hill, until the evac arrived, so a doctor could pronounce them DOA at Bethesda in a life flight.

Anyway that is it on this. Hillary Clinton has her own combat medic, who walks for her, talks for her, thinks for her and apparently is so comforting to her, that he is like her big St. Bernard in calming her down. I do not know if she keeps kibble treats in her pocket as rewards.

It all sounds logical in the inquiry.......and begs the question, why are taxpayers paying a huge amount of money for rich Hillary Clinton's personal EMT to pull the puppet strings.....and why does she need one as no one else has their own personal military medic shadowing them.

.....and no Dr. Toe Tag is not Chi McBride.