Sunday, August 28, 2016

It Takes a Village

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Women armed with Savage Model 19 NRA Rifles

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was listening to Gun Talk with Tom Gresham again today, and he is trying his best to get a group of asstards known as gun owners to vote for Donald Trump. You see gun owners are shit for brains for the most part, in thinking they are lord god in deciding what is right and what is wrong with the Ted Cruz cult, and will gladly kill themselves and all America for something their half brains have them lemming over the cliff thinking is right.

There was a Texas Nigger on. Nice old gal from the DOD as was her family, and she her solution for Hillary was, 'Well I got my pick up and a tank of gas and I am driving off as they aren't going to get my guns".

This was followed by an asstard Mormon who was "Hillary can get my gun when she pries my cold dead fingers off of it". Yeah and you really rose up to protect LaVoy Finicum now didn't all of you brave gun owners.

The fact is, that this is the real drone world. Your cell phone, your pick up on traffic cams and it's tracking system, all registers with the FBI grid. Just like those poor saps on school loans are being hunted down, gun owners will be targeted exactly the same. You try and run and you will be deader than the San Bernardino Muslims and you try and make a stand and you will be deader than the Orlando Muslim, and the lies they tell about you, will have you cock sucking little boys too boot.

There is not going to be as Tom Gresham theorized, graduated gun grabbing alone. They are not just going to outlaw "assault weapons". No, the BATFE already has on their lists, the perfect piss their pants gun owners. You know the pry their cold fingers off their cock gun owners that are always mouthing off.
What will happen is the Hillary Regime will ban a category of guns, but immediately there will be the type of operations which smashed the Bundy group. They will make certain they do enough of them in local communities and put it on the Obama media, showing what fucking cowards all gun owners their wife beaters, shit stains on their shorts and bawling to please not be shot......and that is how they will freak people out, and the process will begin.

It will be draconian in losing your jobs as employers will be penalized, and losing social security, having million dollar fines for not having that gun which is serial number registered to you. You are not going to get off with "I lost it".

That is what awaits under Hillary Clinton in the Australian Gun Grab of America.

This is why I have advocated 40 million loaded guns for Donald Trump and as the Trump campaign is aware of this blog, I would hope that a few suggestions would get them up and running.
I would first coordinate with the NRA, not in alarm, but in targeting celebrity, military and police gun owners to begin coordinating a certified political group, which would begin outreach to every County Sheriff's office who were pro gun, along with every military leader who was pro gun in every state.

People need to be coordinated so it is not the pants pisser with his warm cock fingers crying on the lawn all alone, but 100,000 gun owners at least in every state, coordinated on the command of Donald Trump in a Political Militia.

What the Lame Cherry has stated on vote fraud, has pretty much permeated the psyche of the right, so that is a message people understand in Hillary Clinton will steal this election. It is Donald Trump's job, backed by 40 million gun owners to take the election back and conduct it to such a depth that the police state will stand down and not follow orders to install Hamrod Clinton.

Look Cousin Odinga lost the election in Kenya, but rioted that nation until he got joint leadership. When it is good enough for communist Obama, it is the solution for Americans.

I know that none of you are ready for this, but the Trump campaign must begin laying the framework in how to coordinate a Refuseniks Network in America to thwart Mrs. Clinton and the Obama police state.
It would be a simple framework of command of Trump political leaders, with the NRA and County Sheriff offices taking control of the hinterlands or the rural and urban areas, as that is all Trump Nation. The metro's can not survive in supply delivery from the vast stretches of America, and they will buckle under this boycott when it is necessary to come to this, when the courts uphold Clinton Fraud, when the Secretaries of State validate fraud ballots and when the Obama regime installs Hillary with e vote hacked voting.

Gun owners are morons in claiming they are brave. I know who all of you are by the majority who constantly are on this site, the sex stories they only read, and how they shun the posts like this in explaining what is required of them, because they got their luxury lives and they expect Lame Cherry to die for their patriotism.
I will repeat, not one multi millionaire or billionaire donated the big donation for saving the entire northeast coast from NYC824. I know what you are, and so does the Obama police state. You talk big and hide small. You are culls and thee only purpose you have tactically is to get Donald Trump to coordinate your fat asses into a Political Militia to stand up for a few weeks before November and a few weeks after November to secure the election for Donald Trump.......which means saving your keyboard commando skin suits.

That is what needs to be done. I am not employed by the Trump campaign, so I have no idea what will be done. I do know the fraud NRA is not going to move on this, nor will any other leadership, but I at least provided the framework of association, so people declared by the Trump campaign as verified are a group in every state that people can look to for information in cell phone alerts.
We the People, must coordinate enough with the County Sheriff and the military in numbers to form a group which can not be ass raped to death as in Obama Turkey. Rugged Individuals are fine, but they required the untamed soul of Andrew Jackson at New Orleans to destroy the enemy arrayed against them. Benjamin Franklin was absolutely correct in either we hang together or we hang separately.

That means Granny with a Gun in Texas or the Mormon Fingers in Utah, finds a way now to coordinate with those in power in order to save America. You get enough counties to pressure those gutless fucks in State regimes to stand up against Washington, and then it begins to be a point of somehow military reservations in states somehow get delayed in deploying troops against those counties, and city police start finding ways to stay home in waiting for the counties to settle down, instead of blasting citizens to Finicum deaths.

Donald Trump might as well build this Political Militia now, as he is going to need it sometime in the next 8 years, or else Mr. Trump will only be kept alive by Hillary Clinton to see Ivanka passed around as a whore to everyone in the regime, as Mr. Trump's grandchildren are sold to Bill Clinton's donors, and all of these asstard gun owners give up their guns without a word to save their not so rugged selves.

As I stated, I know you 99.999% rich people by your not donating. You are all big mouths with sealed wallets, and the FBI knows this too and will deal with your extermination as you sign over all you have to Obama Muslims and you disappear with a Khadaffi hole in your heads. 

Communists know it Takes a Village as Mrs. Clinton wrote, because people standing alone get exterminated by the village.

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