Wednesday, August 31, 2016

No Room For God

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was reading a Catholic book on St. Michael and the Angels, which of course  is blasphemy as Michael is an Archangel and the Saints are the redeemed Spiritual children of God, for as Scriptures teach, as mankind was created a little lower than the Angels, they will one day as Spiritual children become the children of God........but I digress as I rescue numbers of Catholic books from the junk store, to burn them, in  order to save Catholics from the Vatican, but again I digress, as this book was really apostate.

We all know that the Pater in Rome is supposed to be the Vicar of Christ, but like the stations of the Cross in Jesus could not have done it without humans, this Vatican book had these fabrications in them.

So we all know it is Hail Mary, in the Virgin Mary, but Mary being prayed to in Mass has all these job  titles too:

Queen of Heaven
Queen of Paradise
Queen of Angels
Queen of Saints
General of Angels

Yes America has a Surgeon General,  but the Vatican has their own Virgin General.

No place in Scripture does Jesus or any one else ever refer to Mary the Mother of God in any of the above jobs or descriptions. The best honor Jesus bestowed on His Mom was to place her in St. John's care.

This  though is about Angels, joining Mary is Michael the Archangel. Now in Scripture when St. John fell down before an Angel in fright, the Angel scolded him sternly to NEVER worship him,  because all Glory and Honor are God's. Angels are fellow servants as people are to glorify and honor God.

That is why when Catholics have visions of Michael telling them to build churches to God and him, it is in violation of Christian teachings from the Bible, and it is why when 'angels of light' appeared to the Reformer Martin Luther, he rebuked them, because the great Protestant believed the Word of God, and not his eyes, for satan deceives all who choose to be deceived.

Any way, the book came out with this about Michael the Archangel.

Prince of every mass.......does the Purgatory thing.........does the final escort of souls......protects the Catholic church.

All without any Scriptural confirmation, and in violation of what Jesus teaches as Christ is leader of the Holy Angels in Named Angel of the Lord.
Wherever two or three are gathered in my Name, there is Christ.....not Michael.
Today wilt thou be with me in Paradise, Christ told the thief on the was not Michael and purgatory.
David Inspired teaches "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me". The Thou is God not Michael.
Finally......Michael is protector of the Israelite peoples in all the Faithful to Christ in the 13 Tribes who confess Christ as their only begotten Savior.

Those are the Scriptural facts which refute all this Catholic dogma.

No wonder the false prophet of Rome in the Pater Pope is saying no one needs Jesus, is in bed with the abomination of sodomy and rewriting the Commandments, because that is what the Vatican believes, as there is no room for God in Catholicism, as their version of the Virgin Mary and Archangel Michael leaves no room for God.

Holy Angels have a number of vocations in serving God and assisting God's children to fulfill their Spiritual destiny on earth. We are to give thanks and glorify God for His Holy Angels helping us, but we are not to ever worship them. They are Spiritual creatures lower than God, a little higher than humanity is at this moment, and wonder at the mystery of God creating His own children in longing to look into the redemption of humans.

I thank God for His Angels. I ask God for His Holy Angels help and protection. I do not ever though add to the Bible nor embellish Mary or Michael. It should be enough to be the human God created to have the Holy Ghost place the Word of God into her womb, to be born as Christ the Savior, in God with us.
It should be enough for the Archangel Michael to be the Angel fighting for God's Plan. It should be enough, but it never is with the religion of Simon Pater, the sorcerer of the Acts who tried to buy the gift of the Holy Ghost and was rebuked by the Apostles, and then journeyed to Rome to found his universal church, which incorporated all the pagan abominations Christ warned us against.

God comes first and last. There is no room for Angelic adoration or worship of Saints. That is all God's.

It is always all about God, for without God in you, there is no room for you in Heaven.