Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pansy Boy Magazine

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With Lame Cherry announcing the premier issue of Pansy Boy Magazine, the Cherry asks the pertinent question of, "What happens when being fag is not enough?"

By this, what happens now that Obama, Clinton and the GOPliters have flamestreamed and gaystreamed churches and political parties, has lit up the White House in rainbow colors, how does do all the poor old fags who have been pretending to be fags to get women into bed, get career advancement and get bonuses, deal with life, when being sodomite is no longer anything anyone is interested in.

After all, who wants their own Negro in the window, after everyone has had Obama in the TV window nonstop for 8 years?

The answer of course is NAMBLA, as the Obama regime has set the stage for all of these perverts questioning what they are, as that is the big Q in LGBTQ, in the media is sneaking the child molesters into the mix, and unfortunately Donald Trump mentioned the Big Q in his nomination speech.

That is what the reality is. People passing themselves off as queer to gain attention and opportunity, now like being black have had that taken from them in the Obama regime, as people coming out of the closet with, "You know I am gay", are met at the cocktail crowd with the reply, "So is my dog", and with that the attention focuses on the dirty old pervs making little children squeal in the bathroom stalls as some Muslim takes selfies of it all.

This has all been so flamed into your minds, that you do not even look at men any more and say, "Ick that freak looks like a queer" as we have all been so bombarded with these maleshes and shemales, that no one even remembers a day when our images all looked like William Holden and Humphrey Bogard.

We have now reached an age where the terrorist is named a psycholigical disorder and not a criminal, and the child molester of Jacob Wetterling will soon join the political platforms as the Q part in "child love".

Yes the very things that society used to naturally recoil from is now just more rats in a maze sexing anything that moves and will not move. America and the West has come to a Sodom time when a group of male rapists, rejecting the opportunity to rape two virgin girls to death, for the opportunity to rape Angels in being the more perverse thrill is what the morally dead civilization of the once Christian West has been defiled to.

It is the sentence of judgment on a people who are just not animals any longer, but so much the more cockroaches crawling all over each other, mindlessly defecating on themselves and all the filthy world they inhabit.

Pansy Boy Magazine
Volume 1

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