Friday, August 26, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. 


I mean that tears it in Hillary Clinton is not worthy or qualified to be President of more than the Fabian Fan Club, because she molests pickles.

Seriously, who could mistreat a jar of Vlasic or Gerber pickles, but Jimmy Kimmel and Hillary Clinton in a stunt to prove she had strength to be in the White House, by violating the most sacred trusts on earth, in pickles.

Pickles are just holier than the Pope. Pickles are the food group which people in bars drinking beer, never have to order take out to survive. Yes, a good dill pickle, a good pickled egg for protein and then the beer is your bread, and you have your complete meal, certain to conquer nations with or create wunderbah nations like Germany.

Hell if you throw in some sausage and cheese, you will never have to go home again, as many beer drinkers can attest to, in the owners just sweep around them.

Picklegate is the lowest thing Hillary Clinton has ever done. Lower than ass  raping Chris Stevens to death and lower than castrating Khadaffi, because pickles have the deeper meaning if Hillary Clinton had been home screwing around with Bill Clinton's pickles, then he would not have been out raping women. It all comes down to pickles.

.......and what of that smarmy Jimmy Kimmel. Before Kimmel degraded that nice Jewish girl, Sarah Silverman was a almost WASP in anyone would take her home to meet their mother, but after Kimmel, she was menstrating, aborting and appearing with Al Franken attacking Bernie Sanders voters. Sarah was a nice Jewish girl before Kimmel, and now she is just the whore of Babylon.

Hillary Clinton was the same. She just blackmailed people, people she knew got murdered, she abused poor Bill and she stole things, like furnishings out of the White House. But one time with Jimmy Kimmel and she is abusing pickles.

And it gets worse, because there is a always rehearsal, and only satan knows where Jimmy Kimmel had those pickles stuffed into or Hillary Clinton sucking on.....or both. That Kimmel leads everyone astray and now Hillary Clinton is in the gutter abusing pickles.

As a leader of PAP, Pickles are Protected, the Lame Cherry calls upon PETA, the Human Society and all other Hillary Clinton groups to rise up and protect these innocent creatures. The Lame Cherry calls on the FCC to investigate, Loretta Lynch to investigate and for Congress to investigate in SOP, Save Our Pickles.

No one wants to be in a LGBTQRSTUV world where pickles are abused like gerbils or become confused with do you put your dildo in the fridge or your pickles after they are opened from the package? Hillary Clinton has crossed the line and Jimmy Kimmel has doubled down in twice abusing pickles.

Emailgate was one thing, but Picklegate has gone too far. Let us all join together to stop this, as who knows what debauchery Hillary Clinton will bend to after her first wanton taste of Jimmy Kimmel pickle. 


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