Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sucker Funnel

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I  delight when the Holy Ghost points something out to me, something like in the days before this blog, when I had years of solitude and misery and we could interact as he taught this mounded clay the mysteries to delight my simple mind.

This is again about something no one will care, but yet someone will find this information and have an "On my" moment, probably steal it as their knowledge and put it into a book. It is about corn and the more I observe these plants which I have been aware of since childhood, the more I see things in this grass which absolutely astounds me in God's design.

The subject is suckers or tillers in corn, and these have been bred out now, so all there is, is stalks. This interested me greatly as the scientific preamble of it was they were wasted energy which takes away from the corn crop, and yet as I have had the Lord's Spirit revealing things to me, suckers are such a perfect thing.

Suckers are more than additional fodder to  be cut. They are in the way, but God made them in the way to shade the ground to keep weeds from interfering with the mother plant. They shade the ground to keep weeds away and to assist in moisture conservation, and in watering in this drought this morning I was shown something again which astounded me.

For those unfamiliar with corn, it is basically in the leaves a big funnel. In heavy dew the leaves collect that little moisture, as much as in sprinkles during a drought and it funnels  it to the roots in dripping down.
A corn plant literally covers a three foot area in gathering in additional moisture for the plant, and it is accomplished by the leaves.

I had been shown this previously, but by deliberate God given mistake I happened to water the suckers this morning and observed this hydrant of water being funneled to the main plant. So for every take away in production, the suckers actually guard the plant and then  gather in additional moisture during droughts.

This is one of the most remarkable plants in God's creation, but you will notice how most of the grasses are created exactly in this design to draw in more moisture to the central root system.

A burdock is a weed in like system of huge outer leaves to choke off light and moisture, while the rain is to run back onto the mother plant. This is a great deal through nature in arid locations, and the corn is one of the most proficient in design.

I have read numbers of the old histories on corn and their improvements and have never come across this explanation, so it is shared here to increase the knowledge. The corn I am working on is in that stage of development that some corn suckers, but most of it does not for a yellow dent of the 1890's period in time.
The other ancient plains corns from the Oscar Will Collection which I am fasacinated by, sucker more readily, and if I ever have a year that is not a drought, I will be able to gauge if the suckers will assist in production if the moisture and nourishment is there.

I have come across though interesting results in one always reads some corns are a good drought corn or their sizes are small. The reality is though that while my region is not corn central, I have had almost a doubling in size of plants and ear size with only animal manure compost and only some hose watering in stressful times, just to make certain I receive a crop.

It is for me a really nerve racking thing to have only 50 to 100 seeds of about all that there is for this corn variety in the world which is left, and then have to propigate it the first time.
Strangely though like all things from God, one successful ear will produce over 400 kernels. Things really will multiply if blessed in God's success.

There of course is a reason and a purpose for the Holy Ghost showing me the details of sucker corn in it's survival benefits. I conclude that the Indian method of several plants in one spot is incorrect. It is better to plant in rows and tend the crops that way, and if one has suckers, this adds to the structure which is natural in the heirloom corns.

This concludes this information addition on suckers. I should write a book on this, but I have no time for such luxuries.