Tuesday, August 23, 2016

That other Device


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In inquiry I had picked up a second device on NYC824 time line, and it was a truck bomb. Inquiry pointed to these details.

Hollande Tunnel. Manhattan side. Entrance. 23rd.

9 PM, before NYC824. Hinder evacuation.

Refrigerated straight truck. Chemical bomb.

Not designed to collapse tunnel. To block it. A diversion.

NSA run.

Pakistani. Different set than the atomic boys.

Truck is loaded. Device assembled. Truck 'out for repairs'.

Is to be interdicted before tunnel by NSA.

Inquiry states it is 300 miles from NYC in outstate New York. Direction is north.

Movement begins 1 PM 23rd. Will await time in a Manhattan truck stop.

Story will be not Pakistani, but Kurdish, in response to Putin and Iranian bombing of ISIS in Syria. The story will blame Russia.

Be billed a double WMD attack in chemical and nuclear. "Russian recklessness".

4 Pakistani's involved. There will be a staged traffic accident to sideline truck, where the 2 occupants in the cab with be sniped in being neutralized. Trigger is inside cab. Is not a dead man's switch.
1 Pak is CIA. Is the bomb builder. Asset will take out 3 terrorist. Built the bomb to not detonate as "is the expert".

These are independent operations. 

Projection is to accomplish discovery before event to link it to DC regime to embarrass, and neutralize the following retaliatory events to initiate war with Russia as this is designed.