Tuesday, August 2, 2016

That Vagina Crease

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry would like to congratulate Rush Limbaugh for a renewed CIA Mockingbird contract in steering all of you to Big Koch lies. It has been especially difficult as Mr. Limbaugh was plagiarizing others as this blog for years, that when he was exposed here, and demanded to pay his 11 plus million dollar back royalties for Intellectual Theft, cockerboy Limbaugh was forced to have his writers invest more time in hiding what he was plagiarizing, so the past few years cockerboy Limbaugh has been bland and had to work for it a bit more.


I known that cockerboy Limbaugh will of course will now make good on the 11 + plus million dollars he owes this blog, and not be like the tens of thousands of readers who are always on this site globally stealing from me too, as what is billionaire Limbaugh going to do with all that money, once Speznat puts a bullet between his eyes in the Hillary Clinton scenario, invasion of America.

I am not sure if David Brooks has come around to Limbaugh yet, as Brooks just loved Birther Obama for the crease in his pants..........but at least we all can comfort ourselves in knowing the world has Obama Mom Jeans, Camel  Toes for women, Cock Prints for Muchelle Obama type maleshes, and now there is the Limbaugh Vaginal Crease.

Who knows perhaps next year the Limbaugh half brains will find as dirty old men are peeing in little girl stalls by Obama orders, that it will be announced that the EIB is now hosted by Ruby Helen Limbaugh like Caitlyn Jenner.

It is that vagina crease.

You would think a man with a billion dollars would buy an Elvis Presley rubber hose to stuff in his pants to at least look like he had a package.......if he really was interested in portraying in his Ted Cruz conscience a principled conservative.