Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Call of the BeWILDered

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Coast to Coast with Jorge Noury had on this deluded soul the other night who talks to dead animals. Fine I can understand that as the souls I amplified in life here by their associations with God's Spirit in me have been around here, but this is not about good animals, this is once again about that damned Cecil lion of Africa, and the morons who clung to that beast and still do, as this woman brought us all a message from Cecil from the grave.

Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson is a professional animal communicator, psychic, and medium from the Eastern Washington area. She discovered that she had psychic abilities and could talk to the animals at a very young age. Born and raised in Southern...

See there is never a word in this about the other animals, you know the ones Cecil murdered......that Cecil batted a baby impala around to hear it bleat for fun as it panted in terror under his paw.

Apparently in this Gazelle Lives Don't Matter nor do lion cubs, because in Cecil's eat eating existence, Cecil became the breeder of the lionesses by driving off the old male which was then eaten by hyenas, and Cecil then murdered all the cubs, so the lioness would come into heat, so Cecil could have sex.

It still stuns me how damned ignorant people are. What about all the animals that Cecil killed. Their lives do not matter?
We don't go on psychic junkets to discover if they are ok in paradise, when Cecil crushed Cub # 7's spine, because Cub #7 did not have a name and was posted on Facebook?

What about Zebra 14, the female with foal, who could not run as fast, so Cecil jumped on her back, sank his fangs into her neck, crushed her windpipe, whereby she slowly suffocated to death, as Cecil's brother and the lionesses began eating the mare alive as the foal kicked and screamed in the womb fighting for life?

Odd how all of these caring people, never give a damn about the other animals, as they think Cecil was this Nature film shot, until it is was all just eating some animal alive, as that is it is a group of creepy sociopaths who transfer onto lions their identity to validate themselves, and then get off on watching helpless animals be eaten alive, to exact revenge on this cruel world who laughed at what freaks they are.

I detest bleeding heart morons posting on Facebook, that Cecil says it was all ok, and all the other bleeding heart asstards swoon over it and find comfort in it.

Yeah but I want to know about the baby lion cub Cecil murdered for sex or the baby Zebra that Cecil ate screaming in the womb. What the hell is their story as the fiction of Cecil parading around in paradise guiltless as the Virgin Mary, just don't match the facts of the laws of the jungle.

All lives matter to the God in Heaven, and Cecil does not get a pass on his crimes, because God cares about all the animals that Cecil mistreated, including the lioness clawed off their kills to feed the cubs, because Cecil always got his share first.

....and yes this flat worlder and others will probably have an entire business now in books and lectures speaking about the animals that Cecil murdered, and how they all forgave Cecil, and Cecil spent time in Vatican purgatory, until people bought books these Cecil huggers were selling to get the story out.

Do not ever ignore the thousands of other animals which Cecil put to death as it exposes the seance to fraud, as God certainly does not have a Cecil heaven and a bone pile for the gazelles as they never mattered.

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