Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Iran Obama Hostage Deal


How is 400 million dollars in Obama Cash for Hostages different from the HW Bush, Arms of Hostages which almost brought down the Reagan Administration, as Democrats screeched over this action?


The humiliation of the Nobel Prize, Col. Khadaffi dragged through the streets and murdered, 400,000 Syrians murdered, Republican states flooded out, Republican states covered with oil sludge, LaVoy Finicum murdered for Clinton funding, image Obama intrigue in the US elections against Donald Trump, 300 million in terror donations to the Obama campaign from terrorists, bowing to foreigners, Chris Stevens and other Americans murdered, and now the paying of Iran for American hostages who were humiliated.

Do not forget the very bizarre circumstances of these American's capture, as if they were offered up to captured, and now we can conclude why in image Obama with John Kerry had worked it all out to transfer enough cash using European banks to sink a ship.

ADVISE AND CONSENT. The Obama regime has violated the Constitution in not informing Congress of this human traffick.