Saturday, August 27, 2016

verify the ballot, by trusting in the bullet

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I was listening to Sean Hannity with a caller venting in a New York accent about "Donald Trump is gonna lose to a criminal if he doesn't change his message".
When Homo Hannity replied that Mr. Trump has gone teleprompter, did exactly what this fucktard was demanding, the fucktard had nothing to add of genius, as the fucktard had not been informed enough of what Mr. Trump was doing in what the insiders were demanding and the fraud polls were still .......yeah still preparing all of you nimwits for a Hillary Clinton election theft so you mutton accept it.

Homo Hannity did though state something that half the US population would vote for Hillary if she pulled out a gun and shot someone, as the "country is that screwed up".

This is what I desire for all of you to focus upon, as it is the question you will have to ask yourself in awareness, in we all know that the past elections were all fraud from Harry Reid in Nevada, to Al Franken in Minnesota, to Barack Obama nationwide.
You have National Review now mocking the Americans for Trump in the vote fraud in order to try and repulse them to accepting the gulag, so it is a Mockingbird conditioning, and again begs the question you are going to have to answer in, "If Mr. Trump is not in the White House after the November elections, are you going to accept the vote fraud for your death, or are you going to take actions which will get you assassinated by the police state or placed into prison with the Bundy's for the rest of your ass raped lives?"

Are you going to accept vote fraud as under Romney and McCain in losing, and are you going to accept vote fraud as under Karl Rove in your winning twice?
You only have a few months to decide on this, as that answer is going to be made whether you like it or not, and the results are going to be your quick death or your slow death by the police state.

It appears that Mr. Trump will file lawsuits over vote fraud, and launch poll watchers, but you have to understand that the vote fraud is not going to take place at the polls, but is going to take place in the electronic programs tabulating the vote fraud.

When one has Homo Hannity stating that 50% of the American gulag is filled with socio and psychopaths, why is Homo Hannity then telling Americans to trust in a corrupt election system filled with lunatics. It is equivalent of a Christian being in a Muslim Sharia state and trusting in elections that are not going to get them raped or murdered.

That is the reality in this, and the question you are going to have to be aware of, because except for the fringe which is populated with BATFE MOG's implicating Citizens in crimes and keeping files on the Citizens, who are boasting about "doing something" which does not factor in that America is too large of nation for individuals to affect change by coercion or violence, as the individual will be shot down like LaVoy Finicum and the Hillary voters will cheer about it, and the Hannity voters will silently be glad that another right wing trouble maker is dead by the police state, as those Patriots endanger the bribes of luxury all of these fucktard are more interested in than America.

The question is, how insane are each one of you who look to fraudulent elections for deliverance, and then accept Hillary Clinton having the election stolen for her, which will lead to your being rounded up by SWAT if you are not shot first, for all of the stupid things you posted on Facebook. You literally are looking to November, but not past it, without one thought of what you are going to do, except to accept the elections and think that this entire Minder State is just going to ignore you for being an enemy of the state.

The reason I place these facts before you, is no one else will. We have all now witnessed the "Fix Trump" advice and it has not done a thing to change the FRAUD POLLS, no more than it will the FRAUD ELECTIONS, so the question again comes to you, in what are you going to do as you are absolutely clueless.

There is a denial in America and it goes to journalists who are for America as in Devvy Kidd. This writer has written of vote fraud, and uncovered a most interesting repeating pattern in incumbents usually win by an 81% vote and  the loser ends up crushed by 18%. 81 18 is a pattern whenever a Paul Ryan is challenged. Yet Ms. Kidd in her latest column is once again following the "Reince Priebus must send out an election alert to all party heads warning of vote fraud"......ah Jeff Rense with David John Oates caught Reince Priebus meeting with Cruz and Kasich and spoke of "menacing the vote" in Wisconsin which was stolen from Donald Trump.
I sort of believe that the head of the GOP who in Reverse Speech spoke of terror funding coming into the GOP from Muslims to destroy Donald Trump, sort of in Big Koch Wisconsin knows all about vote fraud, as he is part of it.
The same case is made for "election observers" as I touched on above. It does not matter if 500 million Americans watch a billion US votes cast at the polls, because the fraud is the electronics and you can have all the ballots on paper you like, because the official tabulation will come just like Al Franken stealing the election from Norm Coleman with full cooperation from Karl Rove in the State and Federal regimes verifying this, and protecting all the fraud ballots.
Do you really believe that any County Treasurer who oversees elections is going to produce ballots that her Secretary of State and Governor just stated gave Hillary an 81% landslide if they want to keep their lives?

So you know what this is and the way it would play, it will be ballots will disappear, and in key precincts it is certain there are already paper ballots giving Hillary Clinton the win, just as they did Obama, and the real ballots ended up in Lyndon Johnson's trunk to be burned in a big Texas fire later that night.
(That would be how landslide Lyndon stole his first election from the people of Texas.)

That is the reality, and why Mr. Trump is correct in vote observers, who can document enough vote fraud, BUT IT HAS TO BE REAL TABULATION which is going to be a problem and in the end, Mr. Trump requires experts like Robert Mercer to monitor the software tabulation, but then Mr. Mercer is going to lose his head as his software stole elections for Ted Cruz.

So this is the election. It is going to be the Obama Dominion software for Clinton, the Bill gates software for the Neocons and the Mercer software supposedly for Donald Trump.......if that is not another set up. It is going to be who can steal the most votes electronically and that is what will decide it.

It then comes down to what was posted here that it was going to take 40 million loaded guns for Donald Trump so Mr. Trump can seize his rightfully won election from those who are stealing American elections. It all depends on that reality. Mr. Trump has to muddy the waters of Hillary Vote Fraud enough, not trust the courts, and stir up the mob with the loaded guns to make the vote frauds back down in realizing that the police state has somehow been bribed to stand down or back Mr. Trump.

You have to answer the question though, to get beyond the fiction of trusting in elections and thinking that there is an America with rights left for you after this November, as there is no America with rights for you now. Try ignoring Obamacare. Try being like those fool Bundy's in thinking they can fight the fight in the courts.

Come midnight November 8th and November 9th dawns, is the reality in which you will be forced to answer a question. If you are foolish and ignorant to wait until then, you will be a product of despair and fear, and only react which is stupid as emotions will get you killed.

I don't see the rich well off in this, as fleeing from one Isalmic rape gang in Europe or Oz is not exactly a rapture you will enjoy, no more than Rapistan Canada or Zikastan in South America. Logic points this to in numbers of people are going to die horrid deaths no matter their decision. The best solution is President Donald Trump taking his victory in walking softly with a big stick. Mr. Trump needs the big stick and must come to the complete picture that trusting alone in the ballot of 2016 will make Ivanka a prison whore in the gulag and the grandchildren sold to the DC pedophiles.

Donald Trump must express one prayer in this criminal age and I neither speak for him nor lecture at him for the sake of humanity and civilization.

In 2016, it will be the American Reagan Russian proverb, upon a new guarded city on a hill, verify the ballot, by trusting in the bullet.

- Lame Cherry

I speak of realities here and not fiction. I live in the future and predict your present from that vantage point, because the illusions of the past have provided you, your delusions of your present, and that fallacy condemns you not to a future, but to a vanishing point.

again, the popular girl, Lame Cherry

You no longer have Lyndon Johnson around protecting you from the fruits of assassination for your good. It is all evil now for your great hurt.

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