Thursday, August 25, 2016

What is the Alt Right?

 Stockholmed Shapiro by the Alt Right

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Little Ben Shapiro today again was pointing to his bruised ego in attempting to sound intellectual in trying to frame the Alt Right for the 12 people who mistakenly found their way to his writing's today while looking for dwarf porn.......and he got it wrong.

I am going to invest a little time in this as it does not matter really, except for you to know that the Alt Right are the good Americans, who are working for the same rights which you are striving to return to.

Ricky Vaughn encapsulates the type of Alt Right shit lords. A shit lord is someone who runs circles around cucks like Ben Shapiro.
Shapiro is picked on by the Alt Right as it is his whore job to be picked on, and he leaves the perfect opening as Cruz cultist aficionado, who lies about how tall he is........hence Shorty Shapiro is exposed for the fraud he is.......because you can not trust him to tell you truth about how short he is in his little ego needs validation, how can anything Lil Ben says be trusted.

Ricky Vaughn is a stage name for an American who works for a living and Tweets to the terror of all these frauds, as most of the Alt Right take great sport in the 140 characters in destroying the opposition. There are very intelligent satirists in America, and most of them are in the Alt Right.

Milo that British fag keeps trying to glom onto the Alt Right in that Gamergate saga, but that is not what the Alt Right is. Milo is a flamer, some MOG sent in to soil the platform, which Storm Front warns about.

That is what you need to understand in this, as there are three key parts of this fringe which is mainstream in Storm Front who are called right wing, and perhaps they are, but a National Socialist is a leftist, even if Hitler was the prophesied savior of Germany and changed the world. The Leader was still a leftist.

Storm Front is about morals and preservation of the societal rules. This comes out as racial identity and the Alt Right pops the fraud christian movement hard too, but it all melds into the Third Leg of the David Duke intellectuals, as these people are rather boring and brilliant people who run circles around most everyone who tries to lay a glove on them.

David Duke did a great deal to move beyond the Klan, which was a Southern Democratic Police State group, and has changed the phrases to what the Southern Poverty was paid to keyhole and smear these groups into.

If you notice a number of the phrases on Lame Cherry will appear in the Alt Right, David Duke and Storm Front thought now, because it filters through, as the Truth always does, and now people are noting that there is a White Genocide and an American Genocide taking place.

It all breaks down the the plus minus, in what the Alt Right is, is working Americans being smeared by the established financial mafia which is deliberately ruining the world, and employs dwarfish figures like Ben Shapiro to spin out intellectual bigotry. The worst part in all of this is the Alt Right has so Stockholm Syndromed Lil Ben that he desperately wants to become one of the Alt Right fun crowd. The problem is Shapiro is too dense to fit in, and he looks like Eddie Munsters pervert little brother, who the Munsters kept locked in the basement.

I am though about to provide you with the Rosetta Stone of Rosetta Stones and tell you to use a search engine and get the hell out of the Facebook grey matter gulag and go read for yourself Ricky Vaughn's work on Twitter. TL ventures over there often enough and laughs a great deal as the Alt Right is full of smart asses who have the best cutting remarks.
In my synopsis, the Alt Right when on Twitter and not blogging is like Cyrano from the movie and it is fun, because their satire is all based in the facts.

So do not bother with Ben Shapiro or whatever else cucks from Mockingbird funded National Review, in telling you about people who you can just as easily go read their work, learn of them and be laughing instead of screaming at the screen.

If you want a lecture, go find David Duke.

If you want cutting edge, go find Ricky Vaughn.

If you want hard edge, go find Storm Front.

If you want the rodeo, go find 4chan and 8chan..........that is for the Australian in all of us, who likes going into bars and getting punched in the mouth as a greeting.

I do not have time to play with these people, but they are PEOPLE just like you. They have the Constitutional right in this rightless gulag we now exist to debate things and if you are bright you will learn from them all. You can lurk and not get in the way. Their world is one which is going to free you from old Rush Limbaugh's coo coo sophisticants of entendre that stopped being interesting 20 years ago. These are the people who are forming the future.
Their work will jolt you out of your Facebook stupor and Limbaugh half brain coma. None of you are going to go off wearing hobnail boots, but you are going to find out who you are beyond Mockingbird. Of course there are MOG's in all of this, so just act like you would on any of the streets at night in America as this is the electronic street.

What is the Alt Right? Go find out as Ben Shapiro deliberately does not tell you, that they are Americans who worship responsible Liberty, cherish America and are at this point using the only weapon they have left in words in this war all of us are in and no one wants to admit to.

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Amazing, the world did not end with your reading about Storm Front.........but do not be led to the propaganda that all of the above or the Lame Cherry below is the same group, simply because as Children of Liberation, each is a Patriot and happens to enjoy the commonality of being popular with the police state for being American centric.