Friday, September 16, 2016

4% Donald Trump or 14% Donald Trump GDP

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I really desired to hold off on this, but as President Elect Donald Trump is beginning to speak of an economy with real economic growth, it is time to prepare Americans for what is about to take place.

What Americans have been lied to in the Obama economy is Managed Misery. It is the pedophile economist John Maynard Keynes idea of what is to be your life. What Keynes embarked upon, which is what America was enslaved by in the 1950's was a form of economics where there never were depressions or booms. All there is, is stagnant growth where the rich become richers and the poor become poorer. Exactly what your crapper lives are.
This system worked well in Europe, because of American Welfare in America spent the money on defense, while European socialists bribed the population with entitlements. Remove America, and suddenly Europe starts plunging into a recession.

With Obama, his entitlement was running up a 20 trillion dollar debt a the rich got tycoon and you became enemies of the state, to be replaced by 3rd worlders who have no idea of being anything but trolls.

I desire each of you to think of that Obama 20 trillion dollar debt. That is how massive the US fraud economy is which Mr. Trump actually spoke of too, as Lame Cherry exposed this in 2008 on Newsbusters in there was no real economy, but only the economy of managed misery by the elite.

To have that much money floating around, makes everything cheap, because everything is inflated. Cars in Richard Nixon's 1970 were 1200 dollars. Obama cares in 2016 are 40,000 dollars. That is what 20 trillion dollars in debt does. First homes used to 8000 dollars and now are 80,000 dollars.

That is what I will call THE GROWTH ZONE of economics. Either one experiences a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread as Venezuela is experiencing, even if you can find bread, or as in Ronald Reagan's time, a leader begins expanding the economy to all of that cash out there, and that is where national economic expansion arises from.

Ronald Reagan had hundreds of billions to grow into, while Donald Trump has trillions.

This is what I have been working on in the America President's series of articles which begin today and are meant to educate all, as America in  reducing taxes, meaning not confiscating your money in taxes, raising tariffs on foreigners, putting Americans to work with good paying jobs, corporations bringing money and industry home, and no FDR wars to make a false economy to end a Great Depression, and we are looking at an economy which is not going to grow at 4%, but it could be so overheated that 40% would look mild, as all of that money out there has to be soaked up, not by inflation, but by Americans producing things as energy, industry, technology. Real products and not this Facebook and Google fraud stock markets soaking up wealth for the elite and being spy agencies built by the NSA, which are outside of Congressional oversight.
You do realize that is what the NSA has done right? They funded all of this media and cell phones, and by them they do not have to violate your rights in self incrimination, because in your very homes they spy on you by your public profiles and Stingray data mining.

I digress.

TRUMP: Running to be American President, Not President Of World...


'Clinton Only Offers Welfare Checks, I'll Produce Paychecks'...



This is what America faces in economy in we may be looking at an economy growing at 14% for some years. Compare that to the propaganda of Obama in .4% growth is being touted as a great thing. It is great for Keynes managed misery, but it is not for what a real economy is.

In Ronald Reagan's years, it was possible with that kind of growth for local banks to pay people enough in savings accounts to retire on. All the while prices of commodity products deflated in natural production. This is real economic stimulus, and it expands out as Mr. Reagan envisioned in our trading partners in South America boomed in the expansion, creating powerful trading partners in the Americas, which created a real balance of trade.
If the Democrats in Congress would have kept their promise in cutting the size of government, America would have had around 8% growth.

The only reason the Reagan economic expansion was strangled was due to George HW Bush and George Mitchell raising taxes as in read my lips, Bill Clinton looting the economy in retroactive taxes, which George W. Bush dumped back into the economy to ward off a global depression after 9 11, and the 2008 Obama strangulation of the US economy which continued for 8 years.
I will remind all that in January 2009, the US economy had recovered and was beginning to recover, until Obama managed misery in order to pass Obamacare and Obama sodomy to change America to what Obama believed in.

I firmly believe that America with wise economic policy can deflate costs of living, improving the living standards of our trading partners overseas, increase key production, and grow at a managed 14%. The reason I state "managed" is because we do not want an expansion as in 1929 or 2008 when poor people were suckered into the markets on credit to created collapses so the elite could rape the nation again.

America could be looking at 10 years of growth at 14% under Donald Trump, without one adjustment.

President Elect Trump speaks of 4% growth, so he does understand the situation of economic expansion and making it comfortable instead of inflationary. I would add another detail in this, that the day that America and Russia would create a common goal of planetary exploration for wealth, is going to do for those nations, what Columbus did for Spain and Portugal, in the galleons loaded with gold.
It should be a goal that the Asians of China and Indonesia who understand small scale survival, should be a group who should be embarked to outerspace for development of Mars and other colonies for mining and human habitation. This would relieve the population situation, and provide an economic expansion the world could grow out of this debt which has been amassed deliberately by the elite.

I would place this into the arena as a futurist as that is what the Lame Cherry is. I believe in the best outcome for humanity in expansion, instead of managed death and misery.

I see great possibilities under Donald Trump for growth without war and misery. I foresee a planet where people have hope in attaining hope in lands on Mars to be had for free to develop. I foresee a time when Conglomerates deal in a trillion dollars not in one year's profit, but in one project of hundreds that year, from mining water for planets, building space ships and for the advancement of all for the working good.

The world is now on the cusp of economics not dreamed of since 1500 AD in the year of our Lord in riches, if the people are simply given time to stabilize their nations from Obama cartel destabilization and provided time to advance where instead of killing people in wars, the population surplus through natural greed is offered a vision of building their own castles.

This is Donald Trump prosperity and American stability working with a partner in Vladimir Putin in work, not war.