Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Trump with Thor Lightning Bolts

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This post is brought about by a nice note from a Lady yesterday who thanked this blog for reminding people that this election is a 3 Debate reality and not a one round fight, and I desire to revisit this to expand upon it a bit further, as some people missed or did not comprehend the content of what I was attempting to explain.

In all of this, Donald Trump reached out early to a number of fringe media. I can promise that I have never had contact with the Trump Campaign, as is the case in what I do here, I am quite too toxic to bring in the front door. I am going to explain something in how this works in "media", so you can appreciate this in how all of this worked.
There was a period of time, and for the most part few working parts of the Trump media. Mr. Trump had Drudge Report, but for those who think that Drudge rules, the problem is Drudge still needs content for those links. If only pro Hillary posts are available, Matt Drudge does not function.
Sean Homo Hannity, was fair in all of this and should be praised. His not being biased was one of the few sources in cable and radio which was not undermining Mr. Trump.

Then there was GatewayPundit, who literally for almost a month drove Drudge in support of Donald Trump, for content, so other content could generate for the mainstream.

In the fringe, the one person who carried the entire burden at 16 hours a day was Jeff Rense. He was almost assassinated early this year and suffered from severe brain injuries, and yet he has been relentless in pushing pro Trump stories in convincing his listeners the attributes of Mr Trump being the only horse in this race.

Alex Jones faded early in this process, and what spiked was the Twitter Corp which was basically led by Mike Cernovich of Gorilla News and Ricky Vaughn. These people are read by the fringe working against the American Genocide, and operated devastatingly with their 140 character debate on Twitter.

In this you have to understand, that this was what Trump media was. You have to understand that this was not oligarch paid for, but resisted, but these key very talented and creative writers, produced the back channel which created the buzz for 4chan and 8chan, to percolate all through the internet, and then infuse the media, for these Donald Trump stories which drove this from the ground up.
What most of you do not understand as you are being triggered by multi billion dollar Mockingbird media, is that by Mr. Trump's charisma and understanding of this, along with a small group of Americans creating buzz.......and buzz is everything, because you children and brats demand to be satisfied several times a day in entertainment, and in this group drove the Trump media all on a volunteer basis.

I have mentioned someone I am aware of who saved Donald Trump's Campaign and I can never reveal the source, but they stepped up to do what was necessary in the campaign when that necessity has to be filled. You will never know what this person did for America, but without them, we would have been a bloodied lot and this would have been far more difficult, if you can imagine that.

In explaining how intricate and vulnerable all of this was, from traitors getting me banned from Facebook, I desire on that understanding to go into further details about the Donald Trump Debate and victory.

I desire all of you to know that I am just like you, and I would have loved to have had a lightning bolt from Thor decide the debate, but our emotional desires, have to be weighed by a political general like Mr. Trump in the art of the deal.

What if Donald Trump had flattened Hillary Clinton? She had already laid several traps in that debate to smear Mr. Trump on a host of issues, which Mr. Trump never responded to, but instead slipped out of the trap to frustrate Mrs. Clinton.
What if Mrs. Clinton had been triggered by her design to a crying fit by Mr. Trump referencing Monica Lewinski and then she started to convulse?
For those who did not understand the history as Richard Nixon did in the guilt America felt on JFK dying, and how that obliterated Barry Goldwater for LBJ, that is what Mrs. Clinton was attempting in that debate in crying, and if you had your way in her collapsing, there is a segment of the population who like voting for fraud Obama, would have given Hillary Clinton the margin to steal this in e vote fraud.

So I ask you to project this out in real time, and realize what a disaster we would have now in this first few days in that would be smothering the news and smearing Mr. Trump for being there.

Now project this out further in Hillary would have cover to not campaign, and not debate. Donald Trump shows up as the only candidate, and he reminds about poor olde Hillary. That old bag might even appear in a wheelchair and bubble glasses and it would just drive the stake in the GOP further.

Donald Trump knows this. The last thing anyone wants is Hillary having sympathy or Hillary out of this race. Hillary Clinton gimping along, people hating her, is exactly the campaign  strategy which is best outcome.

Mr. Trump appealed to and won over the Democrats, Independents, Republicans and undecided in showing himself Presidential. He was tough and exposed Mrs. Clinton often as a disaster. What has been lost in this, is Mr. Trump hit her extremely hard and she was scared, and that is why she kept grinning like a baboon as Mr. Trump was tagging her non stop. The reason you overlook this is, you wanted her carried off the stage.
Instead she walked off like an old sick woman, and no one showed up at her rally in North Carolina, while Mr. Trump had like 15,000 at his rally and 12,000 turned away.

Donald Trump devastated Hillary Clinton and her followers have given up.

I desire now to visit something of history, and it is important, and something which most of you have no idea of. It has to do why you want Hillary Clinton there on election day, her voters depressed and not voting, and her suffering a landslide defeat, instead of someone else coming in and inspiring the crowds which Mrs. Clinton never could.

It has to do with a bizarre political event in Minnesota around 25 years ago. The race was basically I believe between John Grunseth, a Mitt Romney twin and Skip Humphrey the Attorney General of Minnesota and son of Vice President Hubert Humphrey.
In about the last week of the election, Conservative Grunseth had reports surface that he had teenage girls up to his cabin who were drinking with him. This drove like wildfire by Democrats and GOPliters, and in the most rather illegal thing ever, the GOP threw Grunseth off the ballot with like 3 days to go, and put on Arnie Carlson, a liberal GOP, and in magic election Minnesota politics Carlson was governor on election day and stole victory from the sure thing in Skip Humphrey.

I bring this up, so you understand in this, there are things we do not ever want. We do not want sympathy for Mrs. Clinton as in the JFK saga, and we do not want some surprise Huma Abedin electrifying the voters as the replacement as "win one for the gipper" becomes a mantra as Hillary drools in bed.

I will repeat, I realize we all would like a bolt from the blue. We all know how dangerous the crooked Hillary Clinton is with her oligarch owners, but we have to consider there are variables which can spin out of our control and be spun by minders, which would take place and none of us would care to deal with. It is literally better the devil we know, and the Democrats do not want this devil.

Seriously, in debate #1, Hillary Clinton had to prove she was likeable and she failed. She instead tried to set up Donald Trump to smear him, and she cheated, both of which backfired on the old gal.
For debate #2, she is not going to grow angel wings and make us all feel cuddles, because we all can feel what is the wicked stepmother in her. All she has are statistics to wow her insiders who think that is what rules the jungle mob, who look at other things of psychology, and to try again to smear Donald Trump. She is already defeated because no one wants to listen to the shrew screaming at her husband and kids for two hours.

The electorate is also now being educated to this game at smearing Donald Trump in these Hillary set ups, and their effects will be negated.

In all of this, just please be aware that you are going to be lied to by Hillary Clinton, that the media is going to try to make you doubt victory again, and that you do not need to tell Donald Trump "what he needs to do", because consider that Donald Trump by God's Grace defeated 16 other candidates, defeated the cuck media, and this David with this sling and smooth stones is beating the Philistines by God's Grace.

Good things happen around Donald Trump, if you need reminding. He does things and God blesses him, because God rose this man up as America's final test to prove what she is. What are the odds of a lightning bolt striking behind the Trump jet as a positive sign from Heaven?

I realize how much all of us have been let down since Ronald Reagan, an American who kept his word and did what he promised. We have been lied to. We have been betrayed and we have been let down. It has not just been the child rapists like Dennis Hastert, but the election thieves of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. In those cases, we have been taught that our being a bright as turnips could have done a better job. With Mr. Trump though, we actually have someone who can win and is winning. We might think we could do better, but it is not the time to storm the gates of DC. We have to push Hamrod back to the gates of the city first in the coming month and then beat her so overwhelmingly on November 8th that she can not initiated E vote fraud again as she did against Bernie Sanders.

I keep telling you Donald Trump is the boat we got into on the other side of this ocean. Think of what by God's Grace we have accomplished in removing all the frauds and we got rid of Jeb Bush. We are still in the ocean, and now is not the time to start thinking we know more than the guy behind the rudder. In this, we just have to triple down now, not listen to the doubts being broadcast to us, and row harder.

What I want all of you to be aware of something generational is building in America. This is bigger than the surge for Ronald Reagan. I do not want you doubting, because that is what Hillary wants and needs. I want you to instead to enjoy these moments. You will never have a time like this again in your life politically. This is Patton's 3rd Army rolling the Reich back. This is Washington sewing up Cornwallis at Yorktown. Yes we have to be aware, push even harder, but you enjoy this, savor it and remember what it is like crushing your adversaries politically with your leader, Donald John Trump

Relish it and start conducting yourselves like winners, because that is who each of you are. By God and Donald Trump, you will vanquish those forces bent on your American Genocide.

You must though fulfill your roles in this as Patriots. That means supporting Mr. Trump and being so positive that it demoralizes your adversaries, so they give up.  That means voting no matter what on November 8th and looking every day to gently put your will of voting for Trump on those you meet. One person if not ten people need to be converted. If you do not know by the hand wringing of the cucks and Clintons, they know they have lost this. All they are working for now is trying to steal this from becoming a landslide which would set their oligarch agenda back years.

I have my job in this as you do. I do not get to be Donald Trump as that is not my role. I will reveal something though so you are aware of it in order to gain confidence. Hillary Clinton had a most devious plot for the debate. Donald Trump ruined it. Her only attack was to put out rigged polling that she won. By God's Grace, I was Inspired to reveal her cheating by contact lens receptors. Mr. Rense picked up that story with a push, and tens of thousands of you read that story and made it a talking point by Wednesday. In 36 hours, Hillary lies about winning, became Hillary cheating as the talking point cemented into the public mind again.

No one does this alone. We do it together as individuals, and if you need to be told, you just defeated the village it took to prop up old Hillary.

I have this advice for all of you, as it is how I get up each day in this grueling task. In the Civil War, the first battle that General Grant led in the east, was a mauling of both sides. In all the other battles from Bull Run on, the Union did one thing after victory or defeat. They withdrew.
That morning though as the Soldiers arose coughing in the morning air, boiling their coffee and soaking their hard tack and skimming weevils from the top, the order came down from General Grant, "Move forward".

It was the first time those fighting men had been ordered to do what they had been begging to do. It was no great victory as the first debate was, but Donald Trump is telling us to move forward, and those men picked up their packs and started whistling, and for to the end of the war, every day they dogged Robert E. Lee by moving by his left flank relentlessly, always going forward.

We are not going back. There is nothing there for us. You get on Hillary Clinton's flank while Donald Trump holds her by the shoulders, and every day you enjoy the political fight, because you are an American, and you love to fight and you love to win.

You post what winner Donald Trump is. You post Donald Trump is winning. You laugh at the Clinton losers and tell them to vote for a winner like Donald Trump.They know they lost, so you remind them of it every day.
There is only one leader and that is Donald Trump by God's decision. There are over 100 million of us though and each of us has a positive role and we fulfill the mission on November 8th.

Let Trump be Trump, and you be American you.

TRUMP 2016