Monday, September 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton Lost The Trump Debate

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In watching Hillary Clinton debate, it was a reality of her lip sinc, her continuous brain freeze catches in her robotic voice and non intelligent smears, revealed one thing in, Hillary Clinton never left the building for the debate, she never made it mentally to the building for the debate.

There must be something always understood in this, and that is debates are heard by the people who make debates by points and then there is the majority of people who look at debates for what they are, in fact, an immediate read on who is the leader and who is the threat.
The majority taking in the Trump Debate saw Donald Trump as the leader and Hillary Clinton as the threat.

The worst was at 10:23 PM was when Hillary Clinton said WOOOOO and then wiggled her breasts for far too long. I believe that was the the creepiest moment in all debate history in the history of the world.

 The fact of all of this is, Donald Trump obliterated Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump needed to show himself as the Alpha Male, the leader, in control, and that means President. He fulfilled his role.

Hillary Clinton needed to show herself able to survive, but in that everyone has in mind, "Well at least she didn't die on stage". That is not a President and her constant robotic brain freeze answers proved she is a wonk, who got the world into this abyss the world is dying in.

Donald Trump did not bring up the Bill Clinton rape or Hillary Clinton savaging of the bimbos. He noted it in his restraint as it would be not proper, after Mrs. Clinton savaged him and the moderator assisted, in not asking one question about Hillary Clinton dropping dead.

All Hillary Clinton has is spin afterwards in trying to say she won a debate she lost, because Donald Trump won the debate decisively.