Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Rise to Power came from Castrating a Black Man

“We’re not interested in social reconstruction,”

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Today a #NeverTrumper rant was shared with me and I would really like to expose this person's name to the ridicule it deserves, but it featured a list of reasons why to vote for Hillary Clinton. Now this is from someone who is a Marco Rubio supporter, and states that they will vote for that CIA 3rd party stooge McMilllan if he makes the ballot, and if that is not the case, this Hillary's 5th column will be writing in Rubio's name to assist Mrs. Clinton, as he thinks this is all going to change sides at half time and Hillary will give the ball back.

I am not going to argue the points, but simply give you the first reason to vote for Hillary Clinton from this #NeverTrumper.

This is it:

First ever student commencement speaker at Wellesley College.

Sounds impressive right? Well somewhat impressive right to an ignornat who is obsessed with hating Donald Trump and intent on Clinton genocide for Americans and the world, but if one bothers to look at this Hillary Clinton achievement, you soon discover like everything this conniving and plotting person has been involved in, has been a calculated betrayal which even surpasses the political theater which John Kerry engaged in, in throwing his medals away from Vietnam in protest.......but never threw the medals away.

What Hillary Clinton engaged in though was far worse, because she lusted for power, and her target was the reason KKK Senator Robert Byrd adored this woman, because in order to gain the national spotlight, Hillary Clinton targeted the most powerful Black man elected in America in, Senator Edward Brooke of Massachusetts.

Wellesley College President, Ruth Adams was horrified and sent an apology which stated how absolutely rude Miss Hamrod was to a Black man representing the African American community.

“Courtesy is not one of the stronger virtues of the young,”

Senator Brooke in his memoirs,  remembered the entire event correctly:

The senator, who died in 2015, later remembered Clinton in his autobiography as a woman who “knew where she wanted to go and how she wanted to get there.

That is a polite coded way to state, or I  translate, "Hillary Rodham was an opportunistic, power hungry nobody, who saw her chance at grabbing attention, by politically castrating the most powerful Black man in America".

It is impossible for the modern rudeness to comprehend that age of 1969, but EVERY person was polite. Wellesley College honored overwhelmingly Senator Brooke to be their commencement speaker. No one was ever rude. Into this, America in 1968 had just been shaken to it's foundation in the assassination of Martin King. Leading blacks were doing their utmost for Civil Rights. Jesse Jackson in working for the FBI was attempting to keep a race war from happening in America, and as Bobby Kennedy lay dead in the grave like his brother Jack, Hillary Rodham, with the explosion of student protests decided to attack the leading Black symbol in America.

This is the same Hillary Rodham who a few years later decided to destroy President Richard Nixon, again the most powerful man in his position, by denying him his Civil Rights. For that Democrats fired Hillary Rodham, and she fled to Arkansas to attempt to gain some semblance of Rockefeller Republicanism in attaching herself to Bill Clinton.

That is the first reason a #NeverTrumper says to support Hillary Clinton. The reason is the racist political castration of a Black American, who was one of the remaining symbols in America then, in the reality that the greatest symbol for Blacks in Martin Luther King had been murdered.

Seriously, who in their right mind, even a KKK mind, would decide in whitesville after the murder of the Civil Rights movement in America in 1968, go out lynch a Black man and politically castrate him? Think of it, a white girl Hillary Clinton humiliated the last symbol Blacks had in America in the worst cuckold of all.

This is a known story by the Washington Post who actually covered this story so the above quotes are exact. This should be a story which exposes what a racist Hillary Clinton is and it is a story which exposes what racists the #NeverTrumpers are. To list this as a reason to vote for Hillary Clinton is beyond Jim Crow. It is simply repulsive and disgusting. It is abhorrent, but this is the real Hillary Clinton and I do so desire to expose this #NeverTrumper so he could face the entire public humiliation he deserves, like all the other racist #NeverTrumpers.

Now though from the Lame Cherry, you know another shocking detail about Hillary Clinton's disgusting past. She literally built her career on the feminist lynching of a Black man and castrated him in a commencement speech at Wellesley ......and #NeverTrumpers think this is something to be celebrated.