Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hillary's Dr. Strangemeds

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I did happen to mention the below first due to inquiry in who Dr. Strangemed was.

A former Secret Service agent has confirmed the identity of Hillary Clinton’s mysterious ‘medical handler’ as US Secret Service Agent Todd Madison.

The retired Secret Service agent, who spent 20 years protecting America’s top leaders including the Clinton’s, confirmed by telephone Wednesday that the stocky African American man highlighted by various media outlets, was a man he worked with previously on assignment.

The former Secret Service agent, who requested to remain anonymous due to continuing government service, said that the Secret Service doesn’t have handlers, but agents are trained in emergency trauma care, and will at times bring in contractors to fill specific medical needs.

“Some agents are more true believers than others”, the former SS agent said, meaning that some agents get more involved than others in the political campaigns they are attached to. “This explains the uncommon behavior of him getting up and talking during the speech, he’s a boss, its how Todd handles his detail,” he added.

I wonder now though in Huma Abedin complaining in emails about Hillary and Huma's last trained agent allowed them to break the law, that this new trained agent in Todd Madison apparently has violated numerous other laws in coming into contact with their superior, and making Hillary Clinton his talking parrot.

I wonder even more about the inquiry, the matrix, and how to deal with the study of it. I wonder what has thrown me off this, not in ability, but what has me spooked. It is not Hamrod or any of this, but something is out there and I can feel it. It is intelligent and attempting to destabilize, a dark force of energy manifesting in physical upheaval.
In a crappy world, I never have this many overshadowing situations not rectifying.