Thursday, September 29, 2016

I wish you were never President

Franklin Roosevelt with President Grover Cleveland

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

During the Democratic Presidency of Grover Cleveland, a true Patriot for American Reform, a young patrician was brought to him named Franklin Delano Roosevelt, where the President patted the head of the boy and said something quite profound to him in, "I wish you were never President", as President Cleveland knew the hazards and trials of the responsibility of protecting America vigilantly and being always for the America People.

40 years later, the little boy would manipulate and rise to power, by attacking President Herbert Hoover for the Great Depression, which was engineered by New  York finance for control of America, in this same Franklin Delano Roosevelt gained the White House, and then through bribing Americans through welfare, deepening the Great Depression and starting a world war, he literally never left office, violating the George Washington standard of two terms, and so bastardized the American Republic, that by 2008, a foreign born Muslim communist named Obama began the American Genocide.

Think of the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt in how many millions died in his global war he began by pressuring Japan and attacking Germany. Think how many Slavs perished and Russian were obliterated by his Soviet friend Joe Stalin. Think of 11 million Germans genocided under Roosevelt after war policy and think of the 11 million German women gang raped by Russians.
Think of Joseph Kennedy marginalized. Think of General Patton murdered for the Soviet Union's protection. Think of General MacArthur left to be murdered in World War II by Japan and later marginalized in an election stolen from him in Wisconsin. Think of Truman chosen as an ignorant who brought about communist China, and the Korean War and Vietnam eventually.
Think of the America welfare slave class. Think of the millions of people made to suffer, because a little boy drunk with lust for power, did not heed President Grover Cleveland's wish.

It is a point that one hopes that if President Cleveland knew of the destruction which Franklin Roosevelt would bring to American and the world, that instead of patting this despot on the head, he would have pulled revolver out and shot this nemesis to humanity and saved the world.

That is the difference between a Democratic President in Grover Cleveland and a democratic despot in Franklin Delano Roosevelt.