Thursday, September 15, 2016

It was a funny Joke

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This story takes place in the great state of Minnesota. I know it is true, because the source only bullshits me most of the time, and it was quite entertaining.

So the teller of this story, his brother lives in the great state, and one day he noticed that a group of hunters appeared in his field, and he went out to tell them it was POSTED, as apparently NO HUNTING and NO TRESPASSING signs every 10 yards did not dawn on the Minneapolis group of hunters.

Oh did I mention they were from Minneapolis, so they were fine upstanding city dwellers, and rural folk just love city folk. Put up monuments to them all the time I hear........think they go something like THINK, someone died here, along the roads in rural American there abouts.

So farmer goes out to inform the people who can not read that No Hunting means NO HUNTING. When he informed them of this, they said, "We don't care, so why don't you get out of here".

The farmer repeated that they were not going to hunt the land, and with that one of the Minneapolis citizens racked a round and pointed the gun at the farmer. The farmer said,
"OK I am leaving".

So the farmer, making use of his education called the Conservation Officer and reported all what took place.

The CO appeared, told the farmer to get in the pick up and away they went to the field.

The Minneapolis hunters were out in the field and all over the hell place by then, but the CO got them waved in and asked them if they knew anything about tresspassing.

Then he asked if they had a hunting regulations book, so they said they did but had not really read it. So the CO had them get it out of their vehicle and looked up the tresspassing rules and told the guy to read it....and when the trespasser did to himself, the CO said, "Oh no, read it outloud, all the page and half of it."

The CO apparently was like 6.6 and 300 pounds, so this was a big boy and he was pissed because he was out hunting himself that day.

After some more discussion about pointing guns at people, the Minneapolis group said, "We were just joking". The CO was not amused though with the joke.

Short story short, the great state of Minnesota took the guns from these guys, took their licenses from them for 3 years, and then fined the hell out of them.

It was a funny joke.