Monday, September 26, 2016

JQA Trump

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It is perplexing to read the ignorance of propagandists who attack Donald Trump from the right in the cuckservatives, in making some litmus tests that Mr. Trump must pass, when in fact these minders of the regime have no problems with liberals in the Republican Party from Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan, who compromise a Neocon, an Obama Birther violating the Constitution and a whore for international business rapine.

The fact is most American Presidents never did adhere to left or right litmus tests. It has only been the foreign birthed Obama who has been an ultra leftist, while all other American Presidents actually governed from both sides of the line.
Bill Clinton honestly was always a Rockefeller Republican as is Hillary Clinton. After being bruised as leftists to pay political debt, they both became centrist right in politics, far more so than George HW Bush and George W. Bush who were both leftist socialists.

It is in that, that I contemplate Donald Trump, and he is like so many Presidents in being a Progressive in protecting Citizens welfare like Theodore Roosevelt and like John Quincy Adams in protecting Citizen rights.
In reforming President Trump is going to be like Grover Cleveland a Democrat and Chester A. Arthur a Republican.

Yet in all of this, we can find in history that Democrat Andrew Jackson was far more the reformer for the People than any Ronald Reagan ever was as a Republican who kept being sabotaged by the Bush neocon liberals.

That is what is fascinating about Great American Presidents. All were Populists who were successful in they were simply leading to the place Americans always were. That is the great betrayal of Barack Hussein Obama. Birther Hussein lied to everyone like HW Bush to  get installed into office, and then plundered the Treasury for Wall Street and the Mideast for oil, for a reinvention of Bill and Hillary Clinton's oil for palaces bribery scheme involving Saddam Hussein.

Who Donald Trump is, is a type of John Quincy Adams. Where JQA was an American refined in diplomacy for the business of America, DJT was an American refined in business for the diplomacy of America.

John Quincy Adams was the son of President John Adams, a Federalist, but would gain great praise from President Washington for defending the Washington neutrality policy with Europe, where he was appointed an Ambassador to the Lowland nations. Yet JQA would serve in Republican or Democrat cabinets, and defeat Andrew Jackson a Democrat to be President.

JQA's policies were visionary as Donald Trump's policies are. JQA sought to weld America together by public projects of roads and canals, again a George Washington vision. Donald Trump has the same vision of making America great again on the proven triad of Ronald Reagan and John Kennedy's polices of defense, jobs and rights. That is something that George HW Bush never understood in that "vision thing".

JQA would with President Monroe formulate the Monroe Doctrine, the removal of all colonial powers and intriuge protecting the Americas. This was set aside by the globalists Barack Obama and John Kerry, so the Americas would not be sovereign and exploited by the real globalists seeking the genocide of America.

The attacks that the Jacksonian Democrats which John Quincy Adams endured were as horrid as the cuckservatives and Clintonites attacks upon Donald Trump in being unfair and relentless. This never stopped JQA, but he was a visionary and not a politician in understanding what was required to defend himself. Donald Trump is the same visionary, and not a politician, but understands in being a street fighter as New Yorkers are in how to defend himself, beyond diplomatic discourse.

I witness a great number of attributes in Donald Trump which mirror the finest of American Presidents. His ability to become  the Great Communicator as Ronald Reagan was, is a telling mark of the depths of this gentleman, for he accomplishes it without condescending as Hillary Clinton drones on lecturing, but speaks from an American Heart to American Hearts in the most gifted of American congress.

Donald Trump in many ways is a gift to be opened, for he exhibits qualities of so many American leaders. He is not going to be keyholed as one dimensional, but is capable of being political theorist as James Monroe, capable of being with the people as Theodore Roosevelt, is capable of the grandeur of John Kennedy, the fight of Andrew Jackson and the leadership of Ronald Reagan. America is going to require this, and requires first now the diplomacy of business and not another politician to spiral America further into the Obama Abyss, which is nothing but a Keynesian Managed Misery akin to the era of Jimmy Carter, but where Mr. Carter was father of the Misery Index, image Obama has become the bastard of the Misery Encyclopedia.

I would that in this era, that people would hope. I would that they would read the autobiographies and biographies of American Presidents, to know who you are and what you should expect of a President, for they should be celebrated as George Washington made the office, and that office has made Presidents out of some people who never should have sat at 1600 Penn Avenue.
Donald Trump has the ability, character and gifts in how God created him, to be one of the greatest Presidents not in American history, but world history. He is to business which is America in this age to what John Quincy Adams was to diplomacy.

President Trump is the best person for the task which is impossible due to the betrayal of Americans by the people in the White House, since Ronald Reagan. America in her history never had such a succession of 4 destructive occupants of 1600 Penn Avenue as it has in this era, so that people have lost expectation for what America can be with a real leader in the Oval Office, by the People, of the People and for the People.

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