Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mandela Effect


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This came to my attention and it is bothersome, as this kind of misinformation does nothing but confuse the factual information published here. The details are as follows:

There is a story now termed the Mandela Effect, which states this black terrorist died long before he died and something was in Mandela's place........gee where did that sound like that Birther came from in June 13th, 2013.

Second story is that Hillary has been cloned, that someone is standing in for her........gee where does that sound like it originated from.

I did some inquiry, and this is not MOG's, but apparently the Lame Cherry has become enough of an issue that an MK ULTRA type conspiracy schedule has been constructed to provide cover for image Obama.

What bothers me about this, is the discoveries I have come upon in the matrix are fascinating and need analysis to build upon, so an understanding of time lines, the living electronic tissue in motion which the matrix is, can be better dealt with. It does absolutely no good when these Shemitah morons who create one false read, milk it for attention and money, and then move on to con others.......as the new vista in this is, "the Bible words are changing before our eyes"........which bring the point if lion and wolf are changing, then how in the hell do they know in their reference Bibles a change was ever made, as how are their Bibles not being affected?

Any way, Mandela croaked when Obama was taking selfies in the bleachers........that was the time line. Muchelle slipped him that book to off him with magic powder and that is the crux of it.

As for Hamrod........there are even limits a shapeshifter will degrade themselves to. That is satire, but the answer is Hamrod does not have a double. What would the world want with two old sick hags coughing up lungs at the same time.

So there is not a Mandela Effect. There is NOT a situation of parallel universes. I have attempted to explain this in what there are is alternate time lines which form and in generating occupy the same space.......like you choosing to have French Toast with juice or bacon and eggs with coffee for breakfast. Both time lines are generating, but when you decide in will........the one you decide on becomes reality, and the other vanishes.

In most cases eating eggs means nothing, or does not produce a shift of the time line, but it does effect it enough, but not the main event generation like you continuing to live, atomic bombs not going off....you know the world not ending or people getting killed. Sometimes though when another time line is generating, perhaps it might be something like you eat eggs, so those eggs are gone, and it creates a demand where a truck has to deliver more egg cartons to your store and the trucker lifting more weight pulls a muscle in their back...........then can't go fishing so they do not drown........but instead get run over by a car.

See the matrix is alive and it moves. You can effect time lines and generate time lines, but you can not in most cases stop time lines which were intended to progress, as those time lines reset to continue on with the prime directive.
It reminds me of a story I read as a child, where some poor soul almost got killed and by miracle survived. It was like 5 more times that day things almost killed him, until finally he died in some car wreck. I would incorporate a story like that not as fatalism, but how the matrix keeps  resetting on events which must take place.

Not all is evil in this, because take for example good events like meeting a soul mate, continue on even if you miss it the first time. God, God's Saints and God's Holy Angels help in good things. If you miss what was constructed in meeting them, such an event will reset until the meeting happens.

This is why it is perplexing  to attempt to educate the public, and then propaganda appears which is incorrect in people wanting fame, money etc... or just the shadowlands desiring to cover up some of their crimes or confuse people, so they do not understand the matrix and it remains a monopoly.

Honestly the matrix does not matter, as the matrix is time and it will disappear, once the end comes as then it will be harmony in a Heavenly body of Saints, so I should not be that upset about deception. It is though what we have now, and it is something which is a living creature of sorts and it's dynamics are wonderful like watching a whale swimming, in you wonder how something so large can be this fluid, and you become mesmerized by it.

The certainties are incorrect in what science theorizes about in alternative universes. Time is not a fabric woven, but an electronic tissue instead which pulses elastic. The Remote Viewers are one dimensional in wearing charge lines into their viewing and then create magnetic lines which others are drawn into, to the same points of sight.  In the end, there is only the Cherry Effect, as there is not a Mandela Effect, for the Mandela Effect goes by another set of words in "flat ass ignorant wrong".

I am going to leave this reset at that, as the legends of Marco Polo multiple breasted women eventually is proven to be a fraud in the breasts were testicles hung around the high priestess' neck castrated from bulls......and in that the new fiction is a great deal of bullshit and the Lame Cherry simply tries to keep you from falling off the edge of the world follow assbackward direction.