Monday, September 26, 2016

Obama's gift of World War Hillary

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad © SANA  

US airstrikes on Syrian troops were ‘intentional,’ lasted nearly 1 hour – Assad to AP

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For some reason, I seem to recall in past American wars initiated by the cartel, that it was all so much better done. I mean the Germans bombing a ship started World War I, Japan blew up Pearl Harbor, and you pretty much could not find Woodrow Wilson or Franklin Roosevelt's fingerprints on the initiating of the war. With Obama Wars, all of that has changed, like in Syria.

Like Obama imported terrorists to Syria, murdered like 400,000 people, set off chemical weapons.......and with a straight face at the New York Times blame Assad.

It is like the last Cease Fire by Obama Kerry, in the Russians and Syrians obeyed the rules, and just like that, the Americans blew the hell out of a Syrian army post and then had their ISIS blow up a convoy and loot it, and blame the Russians........and it is the Russians or Syrians fault again.

It gets worse in after reigniting this Syrian genocide for the 3rd time, now America, Britain and France are before the Security Council at the UN, blaming Russia, Syria and Iran, for the Syrians now attacking terrorists in Aleppo Syria in driving them out.

There is the old call of "bombing hospitals" which have been dug underground...........

I can translate that part in, these are terror headquarters, named as hospitals to protect them, and instead these terror headquarters and ammo dumps are being bombed as they should be.

That is what I mean in this, wars used to have lies in them, so when you dragged a country to war, at least the people thought they were innocent, but in this Syria thing, it was either Hillary Clinton with bloody palms, Obama with blood on his hands or now Kerry with the bloody footprints in the sand.
America's image has been wiped out under the Obama regime. They literally lie, break cease fires and are the ones protecting the terrorists.

I never thought I would see the image of America so blatantly smeared on purpose. I guess that is what you get when the spokesman for America is Kayne West and Bruce Springsteen, instead of Irving Berlin and John Ford.

Just for a review in this, Syria is not part of America, Russia or England. Aleppo is part of Syria, so whatever President Assad, the elected leader by Syrians, and his chosen allies attack and blow up, for attacking and blowing up Syria.
Somehow that is lost in this Obama Clinton propaganda in a nation has the right to protect itself within it's borders from foreign terrorists and it also has the right to attack other nations trying to genocide them.

I know the Truth no longer matters, but at least hiding the murderous lies, used to matter.

I also know there is nothing in Syria I want to fight for, die for, or have my  taxes spent for.

It all goes back to the Pentagon lying about murdering Syrians and Russian advisers as a mistake. A mistake is dropping a few bombs in a sortie, not waves of bombers for an hour blowing up people with GPS locators showing all that expensive American equipment that no mistakes can be made.

I seem to recall the Clinton's bombing the Chinese in Kosovo by mistake too. Seems to be lots of mistakes with these people and it is never their fault, but Americans end up dying for it again.


Moscow says peace almost impossible...

In the above links, England accusing Putin of war crimes is like, satan accusing St. Peter of being the worst sinner in the room, and Moscow is telling the Truth in peace is not possible, so they might as well surround the terrorists and blow them all up........which is what the Syrians are doing, thanks to image Obama blowing up Syria for like the 100th time.

As this comes to a close, I believe a Trump White Paper should be released by President Elect Donald Trump with something like one sentence of:

America is not going to participate in World War III or IV, or go to war with Russia.