Monday, September 5, 2016

Sebring Porcelain

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was in the junk store yesterday and close to the check out, when I spotted under this pile of dishes this huge platter, so I thought I would check it out. It was big, was 1.50, and it violated all of my mandates of not buying things that will break, but I picked it up any way, and wondered what Sebring Porcelain was.

In checking it out, the history is actually more interesting than this flower colored, crazed platter. Apparently it was made in Ohio, and it was sort of the local junk dishes people purchased and then they went into collector dishes which no one wants.

I figured though if I wrote about it, then of course millions of people would rush to start collecting Sebring, and of course my 1.50 platter would be worth a million dollars as they are not many platters. I will get that big donation some way or the other.

It is worth I think though around 30 bucks to 60. I hate plates like this though,  as Mom had them old looking crazed things and they just looked crappy.  Now that I am an adult, I like all adults am drawn to crappy things........except Tiffany stuff as that shit looks like shit yet no matter the price.

This platter though is like for the Gobbler of the Woods. Take an entire acorn forest to feed a turkey to fill this platter........oh and it has gold 22 caret gold I suspect, so it is the real deal. The fancy china to prey on poor iron smelter families as there is more than one way to dig gold out of people's pockets.

I guess Sebring was not chosen for the clay. Apparently Ohio is all surprise there really, but it had water and coal, and when they fired up the kiln, it covered the town in soot. Lots of healthy people in those years as nothing could live in coal soot, except people. That is why it is bullshit all this cancer scare stuff about creosote and things. Hell people used to lather that stuff on and lived to be 100.

So any way, that is my new find. God gave me 35 cents in the parking lot and 1.50 platter for when we get our home and me to worry over breaking it.......along with frowning over this is over 100 years old.......a real antique, and when the old codgers who croaked had the goods parted, this of course was not good enough. I never understand stuff like that, as how can you go to grams or your Mom's and not remember some damn bowl she always served stuff in that looked like hell, and now you see it is some collectable.
It is like no one cares about old holidays and the things in them. I wanted some of grams stuff, that went of California and are decorating my aunt's house, just because of the memories. Gram had real shit mind you. That carnival and give away crap for whatever to entice people. I remember Grampa always made this horrid damn strawberry jello with more bananas than old bananas too, and it was always in this chicken shit brown bowl with ugly ass blue grapes on it.
Just horrid looking thing that looked like vomit. Aunt stole that though, but I miss it.

I think this Sebring was cheap because no one knew what the hell it was, as it was not local here. Our local shit all looks like vomit and was big collectors awhile ago. I passed as fired rock is fired rock. If I don't get excited over puke blue Wedgwood and am related to the barons, I am not going to get excited over some local dirt glazed here.

I just would like some holidays to put on some real roast beast on this platter. You know bbq stuff of buffalo, elk.........throw in some moose and maybe bear to make the kids go wide eyed.  Maybe have goose, turkey and ...........grouse and I don't know........don't want to be redundant.........hell how about peacock, as we plan guineas.....I like guinea fowl, best eating that side of the Atlantic and better than Negroid ass steaks charred with mopane wood.

Anyway, I found a bunch of German recipes and when we are wealthy I think we are going to celebrate the krauts for something to do, and should be able to find something to put on this platter.......oh wow puddings!!!! No not that flour goop, but what Luther used to call puddings in sausages. Blessed Virgin, would that not be a great feast in a 500 dollar platter of brats, bologna, wieners, sausages..........out of wild boar, stag and moor hun piled on the side........with the pooches all hopefully waiting for their piles of sausages.......yes must have Draathaurs, Irish Setters for a right proper send off.

Always wanted to shoot a moor hun, those big European grouse, with a 10 bore, black powder and loaded with 2 shot. Listen I would gladly use an 11, but I am not that greedy in my dreams, as I doubt I am going to get Meissen ware or take a bath in dark ale.

Yes I have dreams for this platter beyond writing a blog. Big ole platters need big ole piles of meat.

Say I wonder if I could mention that this was Adolf Hitler's favorite platter from America, that he hauled in Eva Braun's engagement ring on it, would help in making it a collector's item.