Sunday, September 4, 2016

The CIA Magentic Drive Weapon Platform

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The detonation of a SpaceX rocket on the launch pad carrying an Israeli satellite was something I would not normally look into, as I could care less. What interested me though was the grey object which was witnessed doing a fly by as the rocket ignited in an area where rockets normally do not detonate from in testing.

I will not draw this out and simply point out what inquiry pointed to in the matrix.

This is an IFO, not a UFO. It was not alien, not something the Nazi's have in Antarctica and not Area 51. I dislike it when the alphabet comes up CIA, because they get blamed for everything under the cloak, but this was a sort of out of government ordered use of a CIA asset, that I will assume the CIA has no idea is in their arsenal.........CIA had a great number of toys.
Think of this as an Out of Bounds project.

See this was not an Israeli state satellite.....well it was, but it sort of was a satellite with a laser control on it probably would be thought of as a space based weapon's platform meant to be used in first strike as much a defense.
Those who declined this advancement were for keeping their hegemony in space. One nation with doomsday weapons in Star Wars keeps things peaceful. Put the Jews in space, and pretty soon every Muslim will have their Mahdi phasers up there frying everyone not working for image Obama to human jerky.

I found it interesting in this was a magnet drive there are no people on board, little green men or little pink men. This......let me name it something as this is the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter..........I will call it the .......Reagan class of magnetic drive weapons, which has included in this model a microwave rifle, gun, ray....all terms to make image Obama get limp over, but that is what started the ignition in this rocket, in the upper section was being overheated like chicken in your microwave.

SpaceX rocket - WIRED

... SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket ... the strut snapped, making too much helium leak into the oxygen tank, ... and Roger Chafee died on the pad in ...

So for all the cover story of helium struts snapping by the upper oxygen tanks........let me just explain something in helium does not burn.........hydrogen like the Hindenburg does........oxygen neither burns, but it simply explodes with a blast. This detonation ignites in the upper rocket and only after that fire begins does the oxygen detonate.

I do not mean to make this a hysteria headline, but inquiry states this microwave heating was directed at the fuel cell stages of the satellite which are nuclear, and what began in this was a sort of nuclear fuel fire. The fuel burned down, melting  the interior and this brought the fireworks.

This Reagan class MDW is operated out of White Sands in Mexico. Uber secret in the drone operation.......oh this particular model has a speed of Mach 2 +.

That should be enough information to sort through this.............odd though in the last time Americans got in the way of Jew nukes, John Kennedy's brains were bird chow in Dallas and Dick Nixon got watergated. I guess image Obama can only be exorcised.......but no, the image did not nor the skin shifters were not aware this project was going Gary 7.

Now you tight Shylock Ashekanz squatters in Jewry get together and make that big donation to the Lame Cherry. Not like I am not going to keep it, but instead will put it back into the economy so you get it all back in no time as your inflation has peaked out as high as Everest.

Oh one more thing Columbo, this has cloaking was not utilized in order for this to be seen and a message sent. More clear now as people can know how delivered it.

Nuff Said