Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Cover Story is: Hillary Clinton has Stumbling Pneumonia not Walking Pneumonia...

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You know Mrs. Clinton has a grave medical condition when her physician is being put on record to state that Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, AFTER the Clinton Campaign lied to everyone, including her press today in stating she was 'overcome by heat', when now the cover story is she has Stumbling Pneumonia and not Walking Pneumonia.

For the record, whoever Hillary Clinton's physician is, if they are allowing a 68 year old sick woman out of bed for media events, that doctor should be brought up on malpractice and their license revoked. That is who serious this is, because if the cover story is pneumonia, something far worse is killing Mrs. Clinton.

The Gateway Pundit weighed in in with information that Mrs. Clinton of Friday was basically gasping between answering questions in an interview as she could not catch her breath. The lungs filling up with fluids again point to a heart condition of some type as the heart is not strong enough to remove the fluids and they build up drowning the person. What takes place next is a heart attack.

Some THINGS are wrong with Mrs. Clinton from the cancer rash she exhibited in Kansas City Missouri to her collapsing today. They point to chemo treatments, heart conditions, thyroid problems and stroke. Literally Hillary Clinton belongs in an elevated bed so she does not drown and not on the campaign trail.

It comes to the point that the billionaire owners globally who are forcing Mrs. Clinton to do this, need to be told to stop. The Democrat leadership is going have to assemble and go to the Clinton's and tell them it is over and that the Democratic National Delegates must be assembled as soon as possible to convene another vote.

Bernie Sanders is the rightful inheritor in this with the realities that Tim Kaine was chosen as VP by the delegates.

That though is the Democrat challenge as the puppy press is now covering for Mrs. Clinton again in saying that the sky is not falling nor is her big ass, that there is nothing wrong with this sick old woman.

The most telling of all stories in this, in Donald Trump was asked this morning about Hillary Clinton's health and he stated he knew nothing about it. That is impossible and Donald Trump is informed on all things. That points to Mr. Trump has been briefed and he is not jabbing as usual, because this is serious, as in Hillary Clinton is dying, and whatever he would tweet or comment on now would look bad later.

The Clinton Campaign after lying now admits she is sick, which means they are covering up for a grave condition, and when Donald Trump is not taking a good natured jab at Mrs. Clinton, he knows that this woman is a walking cadaver.

The Clinton Campaign is over and it is a disaster. America will be looking at burying this sick old woman, which is not what America needs in a Presidential funeral. The only people who can stop this now are Democrats as a sympathy vote in Voter Necromance is not something America has time to be delayed by with Putin and China looming on the horizon in Obama World War and a terror invasion with economic Depression is on the American shores.

My God this is a disaster looming for America as large as when John Kennedy stole the election from Richard Nixon. This time it is Hillary Clinton stealing it from a Democrat in Bernie Sanders, but the time line is rectifying the situation again.

It is time to put Hillary Clinton to bed, so she does not end up in the grave.

- Lame Cherry

Hillary Clinton's grave condition will put her in the grave.

- Lame Cherry

Additional Note: The Podesta NSA spiders have my cursor flying across the screen yet. This is a serious story by the spiders they have initiated.