Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Maestro Donald Trump

 The Vanishing Earwig

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

OK dos things.

First, there has been a push of a photo of an earwig in the Hillary's ear. I located two before this became an issue, where nothing is in her ear. Yes Hillary cheated, but I told you how. Beware those who are trying to keep you from looking at the real technology which she probably should not have accessed....and who accessed it for her.

With that explained, let us explain latino blimper.

Why does one talk about a plumper decrowned Miss Universe?

The children and brats get tired of Benghazi and James Comey in being a Clinton stooge. Frumper conversation sucks the oxygen out of Hillary Clinton's vacuum. Make the grasa hoochie the woman in the Presidential race, because people get tired of fat, sick, old Hillary.

So chill on this, let Donald Trump entertain you and enjoy it, as you only have 15 second attention spans, and he is paying attention. This is the same gentleman who just suckered the press in his DC hotel opening, reminded the press he screwed them over in the debate, and avoided Hillary Clinton's smear traps......and is now using Clinton's own debate jab point against her.

Donald Trump has made plumper the woman in the race, instead of the dumper Hillary.

Alicia Machado's Shocking Past: Accused Of Having A Baby With A Drug Lord

Maestro Donald Trump. Enjoy the symphony. Please though do not be played by others.

Nuff Said