Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Nigger.........zzzzsssss Did It


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now I understand Hillary Clinton, the rather stupid college student who brown nosed her way to the top and was the first Birther in attacking foreign born Birther Hussein Obama. It is all a pattern in Hillary Clinton associates with Blacks, and gets them to do the Nigger work, so when all the criminal activity is exposed, Mrs. Clinton tells the FBI.........."I don't recall. I don't remember. I don't recollect".

.........and then what always follows is:


Colin Powell on Involvement Clinton Email Scandal: 'Her ...

By Emily Smith for Page Six in The New York Post. Colin Powell has broken his silence about his alleged involvement in the Hillary Clinton email scandal ...

It is all now there in black and white for the Blacks to see how Queen Whiteness operates. First in Emailgate it is Colin Powell fingered for they lynching........then it is Susan Rice fingered for the lynching......and now the brains behind the cover up was this Cheryl Mills woman who looks like a thin feminine Muchelle Obama. Just as uggo mind you, but you always pick ugly Niggers to blame, because people believe it, want to believe it and are prejudiced to believe it.........why so many Blacks get shot and are in prison, is because they are as stupid as Kayne West in not knowing to shut up and are as ugly as Sammy Jackson. Put that combo together and what else is Hillary Clinton going to do, but tar that baby and leave it for the poelease to pick up.

The Niggers always do it. Makes things more simple that way.

I can understand how Mrs. Clinton came to this idea, as with her Whitewater, FBIgate, Vince Foster's murder.......all that criminal stuff from was easy to pin everything on the first Black President in Bill Clinton, so Mrs. Clinton is repeating a pattern in blaming the Blacks.......and now we know why she hires Blacks. It is just like street crime, in you hire a bag man Nigger to stand there and take the fall as the crackers run for the cracks.

I can just imagine if Mrs. Clinton gets into the White House. Hell that ole Birther Hussein is going to be blamed for everything from trying to assassinate Mrs. Clinton in her fall to moldy bread. Those Niggers are always up to something...............come to think of it, that is how Mrs. Clinton started all of this in lynching Senator Brookes at her college commencement after Martin King was murdered.

Starting to wonder if Hillary Clinton had powder burns on her sleeves after that event now too.

Anyway, we got Queen Whitey, the virgin Hillary, pure as the driven snow, virginal, saintly and when she shits it comes in a cellophane wrapper, whereas Mrs. Clinton trying to help those poe Black folks keeps getting betrayed by them dirty Niggers, full of sin, mud folks, disgustingly dirty...and so sweaty, hot, tempting, alluring, naughty...............oh Daddy Sidney Poitier's picture is not sticky because I stole Mommy's cucumber from the fridge....but because he is a wicked Negro like all those wicked Negroes undressing me with their eyes and wanting me.........oh Daddy I must punish them!!!!.

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