Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Point of Net Return

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Boxes of toothpicks

Wire cutters

Locking Pliers

Ball pien hammer


Heat lamp


It was a simple tool pouch. Restoration work really in cabinetry. They said always use latex gloves and not plastic.
So many toothpicks though. Boxes and boxes of toothpicks.

What is the heat lamp used for? Drying varnish of course.

The syringe? Intricate work, filling in cracks in the wood.


There are three types of pain:

Bone pain
Skin pain
Nerve pain

Riddles often appear in nursery rhymes.
Toothpicks make porcupines of people
Are wire cutters and tendon cutters the same.
Does a locking pliers pull tendons.
Do hammers bruise bones or weld metal.


Is a dentist drill the same as a power drill?
Is a tanning bed light the same as a heat lamp?

That syringe though, is it a riddle that will perform miracles in making a human, cry, sing, scream or talk.


Such is the work of a Smithsonian forensic restoration expert.

The salt packets? Just from lunch you know, as salt would burn if it got into your eyes. So you have to be careful when you use them to fine sand those Colonial table joints.

I was in the garden walking by the gate
The moonflowers always bloom so late
There I was in the garden sky sparkling so clear
It was as if the moon was there walking so very near
Was I here or was I there
Flowers there blossoming in the garden of the sky