Friday, September 30, 2016

The Return of Facebook

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wanted to thank the people who donated, as they have said every little bit helps. It is hectic here as it is in your lives, but I did hear from the Viking and thank you for the prayers for him.
It apparently floods in Minnesota around 8 inches of rain, and he had to build a Viking ship, cut down the neighbor's oak tree for it, and use a fan to sail his basement to rescue the Baby Girl who was marooned in her bedroom.
He has been away as Baby Girl has to be up earlier to ride the bus to school, and he is a parent who actually loves his child in not leaving her to gnaw on a chair rung.

I have absolute compassion on the Vikings, because I was made to ride one for an hour and a half every day. Lord God being tortured by Muslims was nothing compared to that.

Anyway, I have noticed that many people think they qualify for Sam Adams, because Facebook blocks their brilliance. Having experienced both, I can assure all the keyboard commandos that having two of Homeland Security's best agents interviewing you, is a bit different than a Facebook troll masturbating to your dog photos.

What is of interest to me, is the past two days I have started receiving alerts to my mail account from Facebook, in people who are on the friend list updating their accounts. For a refresher in this, Mark Zuckerberg put my account into Facebook oblivion for exposing Zucknuts crimes and perversions, and in assisting Donald Trump for President.

Now it appears something has triggered inside Facebook, and as Facebook has the humanity of chainsaw murderers, it does make one wonder just what the correlation is in this who has decided at NSA or Homeland or whoever that jerks Facebook's chain in this, to force that spy site to activate my alerts, to attempt to bring me back there to attempt to log in.
Why is someone attempting to get Pavlov's Dog to bark?

Makes one contemplate why this bait is something they would consider I would think was attractive, and to that what is really the motive in all this alerts.

I think I should wait for a big ass donation from Mark Zuckerberg, an elk hunt as he likes killing his own four footers and some other kind of perk as an apology, otherwise it just seems like a bell rung to a bitch at feeding time.

Thank you to all the good of you though, and God bless each of you richly in Jesus Name Amen  and  Amen