Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Super Gun

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The above is the United States Navy Rail Gun or Pulse Weapons AKA Super Gun, which is now being exposed for public viewing as image Obama has carried out orders for a market crash and world war IV for the next President of these disUnited States.

If you bother to observe this weapon, it is based upon the old French sabot, or a casing holding the actual bullet to keep it from damage.
The sabot blows free, and if you look at the main base, you will notice two shock waves trailing off of this implement, like waves in water.

To explain this simply, the pulse weapon is now being displayed, because the Russians and Chinese have been given technology to catch up to America's Star Wars. Yes this is the much maligned Star Wars which liberals like Clinton and Sanders mocked, and yet here is the weapon which Ronald Reagan and Sam Cohen spoke of............America has had this weapon system in space for some time and other radically new platforms.

With image Obama apologizing for Hiroshima, we now have the most dangerous construct in world history, for the pulse cannon is clean, in not being radioactive. For those who do not understand this, the beauty of nuclear weapons is they are dirty bombs, so there is a reason to not use them. With the American pulse, the world now has a shock wave weapon, which in this series of advanced weapons, literally strike with the force of nuclear weapons, and have no radioactive fallout.

Do you remember that meteor which skimmed Russia and was blowing out windows and causing damage? Think of this pulse bullet doing the same thing. Let me explain though what you are missing as I have written of atmospheric slap previously as part of a weapon's platform.

The human body is liquid, like the atmosphere and ocean. If you can have a shock wave as the above weapon reveals it has in the sabot, one could literally fly this over a battlefield, and simply use the shock wave not to blow out windows, but to knock the life out of enemy soldiers. That is what hydroshock means. Instead of a soft nose bullet from a rifle, the pulse would simply mow down the enemy.
Let me expand this, as this is artillery without shells going off, in one would be able to walk a grid, from the air at hypersonic speeds.
The pulse cannon fires 10 shells per minute. One could in several minutes, grid line a battlefront several miles wide a thousand miles long, and kill everything in it of flesh which did not have substantial protection. It is the pressure wave, and it would tear every aircraft out of the sky in it's wake. This is the ultimate weapon and it will usher in the Obama Great Eurasian War, complete with pulse tsunami and as they expand this with air fins to navigate make it a terrain hugger, and my favorite of including an EMP generator a grid fry of all electronics.

I would need the precise logistics, but one could kill 99% of China in population, 98% of weapons systems in 15 minutes, with simple flyover and shockwave strike on WMD stores.

Sincerely, this is why the regime is waving this magic wand in public, which it has had since Ronald Reagan.You should probably conclude that the next generation weapons are already in process.

Personally, I do not want war with Russia or China, nor to see Europe a scorch mark. Not because I do not like war, or think that Europe needs a good burn down, but because good people will be fodderized as in Vietnam, to reduce the Spiritual population of America.

That though is your new toy, which will not be deployed correctly and get American cities nuked by radioactivity which again is not a bad thing as liberal trash incinerated in the bern effect is a necessity. I simply would prefer a different construct to blitz the Darwin candidates in mass, and of course I would be arbitrator as my logic would be sound.

Enjoy your war, unless by the Grace of God, Donald Trump delivers us from this evil.