Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Teaspoon Christian

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Most of us are are teaspoon Christians when it comes to accepting things from God. For me, my prejudice is I am too humble, for most of you it is you either are condemning yourselves you do not deserve it or are so arrogant that you think God owes you things. So we are all teaspoon Christians.

What is a teaspoon Christian? A teaspoon Christian is someone who shows up in life with a teaspoon limiting the amount of things God will give. You show up at the gas pump and put a teaspoon in your tank and run out. You show up at the bank and  take a teaspoon of pennies out and then are wondering why you  are in debt. You show up to dig a basement with your teaspoon and it never gets done. We are Chrisitans who have great expectations in an ocean of God's Goodness and appear with a teaspoon to carry it away, and it all ends in us wanting.

I do have a bias and prejudice, which makes me uncomfortable with new things. New things always get marked up fast and are no longer new. I prefer things like me, with lots of scars and are worn in, so they operate smooth and you never notice a ding. I do believe in many ways that is why God takes so long to give things to me, as I want used stuff and God has to kill people to get those things to me cheaply. Apparently on guns it is a different thing in people dying as I am still waiting, but I have gotten many things for a quarter that pleased me when people died.
I have noticed too that I ask God for things, and then there they sit for sale, but being poor I am too frugal to take the risk in purchasing things, as I seem to recall buying two rescue horses a few years ago trusting God for a place, and there they still are burning grass in the pasture on Mom's too little spread.

God has a plan for everything in life and that includes all the things to delight you. I am at a loss many times on some things that take decades to appear, while other things pop up in an instant it seems. Everything though is out there, and it is there whether you are humble, haughty or not thinking you are deserving. There is news for those who think they are not deserving....NO ONE DESERVES ANYTHING BUT DEATH FOR THEIR SINS, so you might as well trust Jesus to cleanse you of your sins, try to do better each day, and start each day and end each day with asking God to bless you, which is empower you, favor you, provide for you, the best of everything, with an understanding that by God giving you things, you are God's messenger to not rub people's noses in it, or think yourself better than others, because this is about God Glorifying Himself in showing His Love, Charity and Forgiveness to you.

Try this prayer:

Almighty Father, I have been showing up before You with a teaspoon for all the blessings You desire to give, and I have limited You in giving. Help me with this bucket I now have to receive more blessings from you, to Glorify You in showing others by Your charity what goodness comes from God. I will be standing here, having You fill this bucket and behind me is a tub that I am emptying into, because You know I need a great number of gifts from You to make up for my delaying You all of these years. I desire You to know in this confession that I do not doubt You ever. It has been me in my not understanding which has limited You, and now I ask You to help me by showing me Your Love in all areas of this life which I dedicate to You, in Jesus Name I humbly pray, Amen and Amen

God already knows you are an idiot compared to Him, so do not bother with that as it is His Spirit which makes all of us Wise. Just keep going to God and blessing yourself in health, wealth, Wisdom, Spiritual things and whatever your heart desires, and when God gives it to you, always use it before God with thankfulness in remembering what God did as He does in all things in this life to give you good things.

Just graduate to a bucket when you go before God, and work up if you have to, to be like Donald Trump in showing up with a ship to get the projects done that God is working through him. Inform yourself  that you are not a teaspoon Christian any more, and apologize to God for being one and confess that you have a bucket now and know God can fill it to overflowing.

Go with God in the Love of Christ, in the Name of the Father, the only begotten Son Jesus and Their Holy Spiritual Presence among us and in us. Amen and Amen and Amen.