Monday, September 12, 2016

When The Department of Homeland Security Visits Lame Cherry

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I want to thank all of you wonderful children today in I just had two Homeland Security agents on my doorstep, with full identification and following up on an FBI alert due to someone posting on Twitter.

The agents were very friendly and instructed that perhaps I should tell you morons to be more intelligent where you post things, as now my and TL's name are definitely in the Homeland files, as is my entire identification off my driver's license.

Homeland asked that you not post things to the FBI comment walls as it triggers an alert, and it will bring a nice visit from Homeland to your home. They were most interested in the Twitter account, which was not ours as we do not have a Twitter account. So whoever thought they were doing whatever, will now probably be getting a visit too.

I told you children and brats that this is not a game and is serious in the research I do here.

I did ask about all the strange things which happen when I post things on this blog, and I asked about government security, and they were surprised I would think it was the government. They said it probably was hackers or too many people online.

I will have to assess all of this in I have been extremely careful to behave myself, but now it is a point that I had my level elevated in Homeland, not by anything I have done.

It was lovely in they took a photo of the house here before they left, had TL's ID and photo off driver's license, and now I am a really popular girl.

I did ask if they wanted me to stop the blog, and they said I did not need to, but that I should tell you children to behave as it makes their job more difficult.

Still waiting for the big donation, so I can go back to posting only Christian things.