Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cherrystone File: Operation Golden Girl

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In inquiry, I have been tracking a time line which began at the end of the 3rd Trump Debate Victory and it focused on the Chris Wallace set up question on "if Mr. Trump would contest the election".

Inquiry states that he will not, because Donald Trump wins.

The person who does contest the 2016 election though is the criminal fraud who has been rigging elections and blaming people for rigging election for almost 2 decades in Hillary Hamrod Clinton.

This is interesting in inquiry points to like the terror mobs which Hillary Clinton had created to attack Trump supporters at rallies, there are actually operatives in the process of creating "Republican vote fraud", for Hillary Clinton to file court documents on after the election to contest the election.

What is of intrigue in this, is Hillary Clinton is not going to do this to win the election or overthrow the results, but she is putting Operation Golden Girl into place in order to attempt to taint, sully and smear the Donald Trump victory provided by American voters, so as to attempt to save her ass from prosecution.
The idea is a cloudy election, will provide the cover for Hillary's democrats in Congress to scream this is a vendetta from the Trump Administration, and he won by fraud, which is not the case in the least.
Inquiry says this is coming from the Clinton campaign, and in the process of being carried out.

It is all semi brilliant really and of course the reason for making it known is to reset the time line for a peaceful transition of power from the non Natural Born image Obama to the Natural Born President, Donald J. Trump.

I will still see what is in the mix on this in surprises, but this is the fail safe for after Hillary Clinton is defeated by the American People in rejecting her.

This is going to be carried out in the states. It is media generated as the federal courts are not going to hear these cases. The electoral college voting will end it all. It is simply more Soros type smears which are designed as stated above for Hillary Clinton to try and save herself by smearing an innocent man in Donald Trump again.
She has a history of that from Black men, children, to the women Bill Clinton raped.