Thursday, October 13, 2016

Did Hillary Clinton have Shots fired at Joe Biden's Home

U.S. President Barack Obama (R) meets with Ron Klain, then chief of staff to the Vice President, and Cynthia Hogan, counsel to the vice-president, in the Oval Office, in this May 21, 2009 photograph obtained by Reuters on October 20, 2014. REUTERS/Pete Souza/White House/Handout via Reuters

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is an examination of Ron Klain, an aide to Vice President Al Gore and Joe Biden, this email is revealing in he was plotting against Vice President Biden in his run for the White House for Mrs. Clinton.

In the email, you will note that Klain is "dead to them" as in Biden's people, for what Klain did in this betrayal, but he is now jumping ship for Hillary's campaign.
Klain literally killed the Biden campaign for 2016 and Biden knew it.

A great night

The interesting part to the Lame Cherry is how absolutely uneducated and simple this suck up saboteur is. In English language there is Old Anglo and Norman. Anglo is simple words as in glad, hard, great, which Klain uses.
Norman is sophisticated in French Viking in words as joyous, difficult and joyous.

This Ron Klain repeats his verbiage and posture repeats himself in "great" showing he is a "small cock" and has absolutely no command of the English language with his position and education. The only time he transforms to Norman lilt is the pretense of his being "invited" instead of this is a quid pro quo for stabbing Biden in the back, and "demise" when it involves the sinister plot

Hillary Clinton literally destroyed the last two powerful men in the Democratic party in Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Sanders we know she stole the primaries and threatened him. Now we have something in an email where a stooge for Hillary Clinton is admitting he had a part in bringing Biden's demise and that Biden's people consider him dead for what he had a part in.

I make this point in reminding all that last year as all of this campaign began, someone fired shots at the home of Joe and Jill Biden, and with all the security and cameras, whoever did this was never caught.  

Shots fired outside Vice President Joe Biden's home: report ...

Multiple shots were fired outside the home of Vice President Joe Biden Saturday night, but Biden and his wife were not home at the time of the shooting, authorities said.

This is a legitimate question now in connection with this odd email. Did Hillary Clinton have shots fired at Joe Biden's home in order to scare him off, and Clinton insiders were heightening the effect of the event to scare Mr. Biden?

Ron Klain admits to some intrigue against Vice President Biden in a letter to John Podesta, and therefore Hillary Clinton herself, as he was rewarded for this collusion. It was serious enough that the Biden's considered this Klain "dead" for what was done to the Biden's in betraying them.

This is something that must be investigated in this is the same Hillary Clinton who laughed about 12 year old girls raped and Colonel Khadaffi castrated and murdered........same Hillary Clinton who destroyed innocent women who Bill Clinton raped.