Sunday, October 30, 2016

Do you really want Hillary Clinton and John Podesta in charge of Anything?

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All of us now are aware of Wikileaks and the disaster they are for Hillary Clinton in first it exposed her lying, then it was Huma spying and now it is John Podesta buying.

Seriously in this, if you had the fate of the world on your email, would you mix nuclear secrets with grocery coupons?

Just get a look at these emails that John Podesta was signing up for his account........and SERIOUSLY, there is one to MARY from Safeway for coupons, which appears that John Podesta's wife had access to all of the classified emails as she was signing up for Cheerios coupons.

Dear MARY, The holidays are right around the corner! This month's newsletter is full of projects, ideas and savings to make your holiday fun, elegant and effortless.

Seriously, the Podestas were using this account to sign up for everything form Paypal cash giveaways to their flu shots.

Think of it, John Kerry being tweeted by Malia Fischer for John Podesta, and mixed up with ads for tampons.

Fwd: Secretary's Remarks: Conclusion of Negotiations on the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Let's retweet Kerry if he put something out.

Subject: $1000 Giveaway Celebrating Thousands of New Everyday Low Prices!

2009-07-30 07:50 2016-10-26

Subject: Your MileagePlus account information has changed

2015-04-08 21:00 2016-10-25
Subject: Register to earn your $15 reward
2015-11-01 14:17 2016-10-25

One simply can not make this stuff up. The rules are to not use insecure private mails, and every bullshit thing you can think of is inside Podesta email. I mean Gmail is FREE. It is not like one can not have more than one account or be like Huma in using Yahoo. Normal people use dump boxes to sign up for things, and a specific email for important contacts. I can not fathom how utterly dinosaur these Clinton people are, and their young nubile staff are as half wit too. It never occurred to any of them to an email for non campaign and governmental stuff, and one for important things?
Can you imagine John Kerry emailing or Hillary Clinton emailing Podesta for an immediate reply, and Podesta or his assistant misses it, because it is buried under 500 emails from United Airlines offering free airline miles?

Subject: Your MileagePlus account information has changed

2015-08-13 22:30 2016-10-27

Podesta was being sent email alerts from Georgetown about information security for years, and it all went unheeded.

Subject: Information Security Session – Tomorrow, October 29, at 2:00P

2014-10-28 15:30 2016-10-27

So, what is the point in paying attention the most important email of his failed life for Hillary Clinton, alerting him to a phishing scam.

Subject: WARNING: New Phishing Attack "Account update required" targeting the Georgetown community

2015-02-26 16:47 2016-10-28   

Your Apple ID was used to sign in to iCloud on an iPad mini.

Dear John Podesta, Your Apple ID ( was used to sign in to iCloud on an iPad mini. Date and Time: April 23, 2015, 3:18 PM PDT

Then came the BIG ONE:

Subject: Re: Sоmeоne has your passwоrd

2016-03-19 14:14 2016-10-29  

Re: Sоmeоne has your passwоrd

Hi- yes I will call John right away and work on new passwords. He will need to use my two step verification codes to sign in. Milia Fisher (858) 395-1741 On Mar 19, 2016, at 10:07 AM, Sara Latham wrote: The gmail one is REAL Milia, can you change - does JDP have the 2 step verification or do we need to do with him on the phone? Don't want to lock him out of his in box!

The reality is that someone obtained the password, because either Fischer or Podesta, used the phishing link to enter their password AFTER BEING WARNED NOT TO.

It all comes down to the question, do you want people this incompetent in charge of your life, or anything?

There is absolutely no denying any of this. In every business, employees are warned to not use company email for personal use, as it increases phishing and hack success. Yet this is John Podesta, the man that Hillary Clinton trusted with the keys to the kingdom........this was Obama's Chief of Staff too. This is an utter failure, and in a normal brain it should disqualify these people from ever being anywhere near anything that affects any other person's lives.

What is in Tim Kaine's emails? His wife accepting 40 million dollars from Nigerian princes who need them to send them the nuclear access codes to open the account?

We need Donald Trump as President. God help us all.