Sunday, October 23, 2016

Donald Trump: The Return of America to Control of the American People

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Most of you are unaware of what people in rural areas have gone through in the hell from the Obama Clinton regime, when anything that had a dampness to it, became a "wetland".

Immediately people in the country with homes from FmHA loans found notices they needed flood insurance from Obama cronies, as they were in flood plains. People with sloughs across the road, living on hills, were mandated to buy this insurance, as was my neighbor who was stupified, as his family has lived there since homesteading, and that site has never flooded.

This has all been a grab to gain control over private land ownership, and the Obama regime in the EPA just unleashed the real agenda in this, in if you drive across your lawn and it leaves a depression and water gathers in it from a rain, it is not only a wetland, but you will be at wonder to learn that you have a mountain range on your lawn.

I am not kidding in this, as Allen West has noted this as well as others, in the US Senate has a white paper investigating all of this, and below is what the Senate discovered is now EPA regulations.

Landowners will not be able to rely on current statutory exemptions or the new regulatory exemptions because the agencies have narrowed the exemptions in practice and simply regulate under another name. For example, if activity takes place on land that is wet:
plowing to shallow depths is not exempt when the Corps calls the soil between furrows “mini mountain ranges,” “uplands,” and “dry land;”
discing is regulated even though it is a type of plowing;
changing from one agricultural commodity constitutes a new use that eliminates the exemption; and
puddles, tire ruts, sheet flow, and standing water all can be renamed “disturbed wetlands” and regulated.

Yes if you roto till your garden, and water appears, you have made a mountain range, and odds are that image Obama will appear in your yard as it did in Alaska, renaming Mt. McKinley to some racist Indian name. No doubt the maps of Obamamerica will be filled with millions of new designations in Tofu Valley and the Cherokee Hills out in your backyard.

This is the Army Corp of Engineers and the EPA, but what is really behind this is control of the nation's waterways, as that is where the legalities are in commerce. I do not know how many barges you will have sailing down your lawn in the wet season, but the UN will have all legal trespass rights as it is a shoreline.

Just wait in this, until those waterways which are polluted with your dandelion killing herbicide is tested and you end up with a million dollar fine and 10 years in prison for polluting a waterway.
One can just imagine when a farmer's cow takes a shit in the furrow and it is called an illegal dam.

Minnesota will be the land of 10 billion lakes on these regulations.

Claim: Puddles in Parking Lots are Wetlands..................21

Yes Obama Clinton is about to make your sump pump in your basement the next inland sea and illegal irrigation project.

There is a reason why American needs Donald Trump to return America to control of the American People