Wednesday, October 19, 2016

FOXGATE at the Trump Debate

Proof the Clinton Media broadcast different flesh tones on Hillary Clinton
than her normal pasty morgue tone 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So the Lame Cherry predictions of the debate ran true in Hillary was given the questions, she whined about women and she continued her gutter attacks on Donald Trump.

What was of interest was though the media turned down Donald Trump's mic and made it scratchy from the start, and in a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, I actually caught FOX using a flesh tone filter on sick old Hillary Clinton. The proof is in the above in Clinton had on virginal white, but in the debate it was being broadcast in peach tones........that means it was to enhance her morbid flesh.

You will notice that Mr. Trump's shirt is white, and in the end of the debate, Chris Wallace's shirt was also white.

Donald Trump won the debate, and Hillary Clinton lost the debate. I will not go into the cheating, in her blinking, in her blear eyes or her focus, because that is old news in how crooked Hillary Clinton is. What I will state is BRAVO in President Elect Donald Trump not rolling over for election fraud.

Seriously, there is nothing more damaging to America than people who win elections, having them stolen from them, whether it is Bernie Sanders or what is being plotted against Donald Trump. It is Mr. Trump's duty as an American not to except vote fraud, when it subverts the will of the majority of the People.
Seriously, how absolutely stupid is it for Chris Wallace and all of these Clinton Traitors, to say Donald Trump should concede when a crook like Hillary Clinton steals another election. That is disenfranchising of the American Majority.

Kellyanne Conway is reporting from the Trump Campaign that privately reporters are telling the Truth in Hillary Clinton lost bad, in her worsts appearance and Donald Trump was growing stronger all along and won. That is the reality and will continue the reality even as the lying press for Clinton is trying to make Americans doubt their own conclusions.

We all know the spin in this was the Donalds requiem for defeat according to that treacherous Mark Shields and Hillary is the virginal incarnation of 14 year old Mary the Mother of Christ who will live forever, but we know the facts in Hillary Clinton lost this debate as she looked weak, even as Chris Wallace let her wiggle out of answering questions about her crimes.

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