Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton Blackmailed Federal Investigator


Jeff Rovin

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are a series of stories coming out of the National Enquirer, involving the second MR. FIX IT, which the Clintons employed. We know of two others in, Larry Nichols who the Clintons have turned on and have destroyed in Arkansas, and the current MR. FIX IT, in John Podesta.


Larry Nichols


John Podesta 

The revelations though about Jeff Rovin though are the most selacious and damning at this moment of Wikileaks document dumps.

Rovin who began life as a Hollywood Reporter, where he would sit in cafeterias in studios listening to stars private conversations, to the media paying limo and waiters 1000 dollars a tip on celebrities, is the world Rovin operated in.

It was this basis in covering up stories for celebrities, that he appeared no doubt from Linda and Harry Bloodworth Thomassen of Hollywood, to fix the Clinton crimes.


Markie Post

There are once again the disgusting aspects of the Clinton's, in one of the Thomassen's employees, Markie Post, who Rush Limbaugh once guest starred with along with John Ritter, in an inept performance of perversion, not only had photos of her and Bill Clinton in a car, which Rovin suppressed, to the Roger Clinton wedding at the White House, where a recording was  suppressed of a prostitute who attended Roger Clinton's bachelor party was "procured" for Bill Clinton later.
There is confirmation that Rovin held back the press when Vince Foster was murdered so the Clinton's could steal documents out of Foster's office, as he was having a full blown affair with Hillary Clinton.

It is in that, that Rovin covers for people, because that is what he is protecting in this, and that is the story of his being hesitant, because he is saying only things to a point, the point being that he was given marching orders from the West Wing to cover up scandals, but he will not tell us who these people are.......meaning the Clinton's have people on the inside who were as disgusted as normal people were at what Bill and Hillary Clinton were involved in.


Mike McCurry
The list is short in Mike McCurry ran the Clinton press, as did Dee Dee Myers, and then there was George Stephanopoulos' involvement. It is juvenile of Rovin to "protect" people, because Hillary Clinton knows damn certain who were disgusted with her, as most quit or were forced out, and she knows every person who had contact with Rovin.


Ken Starr

What is the criminal part in this, not that Rovin suppressed a story of Hillary Clinton having sex with a Hollywood lesbian, is that in Rovin's journal is the recording of a Federal Investigator into the Clinton's crimes, was being blackmailed by the Clintons.
That is worth repeating in the Clinton's uncovered some perversion on someone who was running a Federal Investigation against the Clintons, and in return of it being shut down that act was never released. The Enquirer knows certain who this individual is, but it is worth speculating that Ken Starr "found absolutely no crimes" committed by the Clintons in his investigation, in the cover up of evidence, in the exact same way that James Comey  of the FBI could not find any crimes in Hillary Clinton's Email crimes.

That revelation by Jeff Grovin IS criminal and the Enquirer has all of the information, and this is something that the Clinton's are  guilty of and will go to prison with. That story appears on Wednesday, not the names, but the story with the details.

It does not make any difference in Hillary Clinton past, present or future, each day there is some damning criminal revelation from Wikileaks, James O'Keefe or the National Enquirer and all are factual. This is what Hillary Clinton does, she is a career criminal asset of the cartel and her kind of mafia regime is what will make America an offer which American will not be allowed to refuse.

More will be coming.