Monday, October 31, 2016

Hillary Clinton brings an arrow to a tank Fight,fl_keep_iptc,g_faces,h_365,w_652/ui5zpcfpkbqijquysp4e.jpg

 Of course Nini Lakksonen was disgusted with Donald Trump
and that is why she is wearing him like a coat

“Trump stood right next to me and suddenly he squeezed my butt,” Laaksonen, now 30, told the newspaper. “He really grabbed my butt. I don’t think anybody saw it but I flinched and thought, ‘What is happening?’ ”

“Somebody told me there that Trump liked me because I looked like Melania when she was younger,” she said. “It left me disgusted.”

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

People magazine is coming out with the 12th Clinton bim accusing Donald Trump of grabbing her ass, and again we have pictures of the woman not reacting as she said she did, but instead pressing into Donald Trump like she is the one doing the sexual harassment.

The Lame Cherry would not cover this, except for how delighted I am in what this all means. For those who do not get this, this grab ass stuff was rejected by voters a week ago, and ran it's smear value the first two days until Mr. Trump obliterated the issue in the second debate.

What I desire you to get in this is Hillary Clinton is hemorrhaging politically out of every artery. image Obama has pulled the plug on life support. Liberals are measuring her curtains and this is gone death watch. We are witnessing the end of Hillary Clinton.

Now put yourself into the Clinton campaign. Hillary is going blue flame scorched earth. She has booted Huma to the side of the road. Obama is running from her and supporting the FBI, as Hamrod wages war against them.

Ok things are horrid. Hamrod dropped over 10 points this past week and is dropping like a rock this week. The Clinton campaign strategy is a one bim plug trying to run a 6 cylinder engine. It is flat world, one dimensional, and I was looking to see if they were capable of multiple dimension thought, but all they have is that pervy fag Robbie Mook and that dirty old duffer John Podesta. You do remember I told the Clinton campaign to can Podesta and Mook 2 weeks ago, and the Lame Cherry has been proven right again.

If you figure this out, we have been waiting to see what the Clinton campaign would go scorched earth with to save themselves...........and all they got is bim #12 wearing Mr. Trump like a purse.

We got em.

Hillary Clinton's boys, in Podesta and Mook, brought an arrow to a tank fight and we have the tanks.

So let us review:

  • Sick old Hillary
  • A bim arsenal
  • The FBI in New York that wants to put Hamrod in prison
Sorry for the blank spots, but those are the blank spots in Hillary Clinton's campaign. It is a good thing that Hamrod is not across the board from Hillary Clinton or Americans would have to learn to speak Russian at the end of an AK 47.

We got em.

Might help if it is in bold, so you get this. The world of Hillary Clinton is falling down. She is at war with the FBI. Everything she does looks half assed or shady in Podesta's boy bud is doing the review.

Podesta's BFF At DOJ Will Be In Charge Of New Probe...

LA TIMES TUESDAY: FBI Investigators had planned to conduct new email review over several weeks. It now hopes to complete 'preliminary assessment' in coming days, but agency officials have not decided how, or whether, they will disclose results publicly...

 No one is going to believe what the FBI says, because Comey Obama tainted the image, and Hillary has now trashed the FBI as crooked.
Talk about a great half brain moron political strategy in Podesta and Clinton nuking the FBI so no matter what the FBI does negates them, and damns Hamrod.

Or the Clinton's half wits are in meltdown looking tin foil hat.

 CARVILLE CRACKS: Asserts FBI, GOP and KGB in Cahoots...

Seriously, they brought another bim. Hamrod goes flat line and all they got is a bim. The Clinton campaign has nothing.