Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton: In Need of Betty Ford Intervention

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In all seriousness, alcohol affects men and women differently. Alcohol with men is  a depressant which lessens sexual stimulus and with women, alcohol is a stimulant which increases sexual proclivities.

In this, we have before us, Hillary Hamrod Clinton, who has been photographed in public drinking more shots and beer than a boilermaker ever downed. This is not such a bad thing, because alcohol does thin the blood, and Mrs.Clinton's veins look like a California traffic jam of blood clots, but then again, when Mrs. Clinton is on different types of medications, and is being transfused more than Dracula with young blood, it is a point that some pain killers with booze will eat your liver, and some psychiatric drugs which Mrs. Clinton does take, tends to spike them to demon possessed levels.

Hillary Clinton does seem to be a woman who is a happy drunk, as she always smile when boozing, but is one hell of a bad hangover bitch.

I honestly suspect if Hillary Clinton was given an IV of Screwdrivers she would be a pleasant person. It is just when she is in recovery that she is uncomfortable with herself, and strikes out at men and know like bashing Bill Clinton over the head with a lamp, cackling about Khadaffi being raped and murdered and going after the women that Bill Clinton raped.

Drunkenness is not such a bad thing, as long as one is not an airline pilot, a doctor or the President with her finger on a the 3 AM nuclear button. Seriously, Hillary PMS with a hangover is not something Los Angeles or New York or Chicago wants to find in control of nuclear buttons, as the Hillary Clinton voter concentrations are in big cities and that is where Peking and Moscow will nuke when Hillary starts firing missiles off.

We know  also why Mrs. Clinton is so fat. As women get older they stop eating as much, but Hillary Clinton keeps getting a bigger butt. That is from all the beer she is drinking, as she seems to be on  liquid diet. Beer for breakfast, Ale for lunch and Jack Daniels for supper, with a nice cream de everclear toddy to help Hillary drift off to narcolepsy land.

I can see why the staff liked Hillary drunk and passed out, as it meant less sexual work for Huma and she could run things for Islam. If only the Clinton Foundation staff had just got Chelsea doing the 5 martini lunch and happy hour starting at 5, she would not have been driving people to suicide.
There is nothing like giving the boss a nice assortment of liquors to get them into the habit, and then you just take over, instead of being fag about it like Mr. Mook.

The sad part in this, unlike Nancy Pelosi, who raided Air Force bar stockpiles on military flights, is that Hamrod Clinton, seemed to be like a bar fly in waiting around for free hamburgers like Wimpy on Popeye. When one is a drunk, it is not a happy world, when you have to beg drinks off of bar partons, as it does not help with voters in Hamrod is not buying rounds for the house, but is cannonballing the free drinks, and then is wandering around slurping up the drinks people leave when they go to take a piss.

Something which should be looked into in how sick Hillary Clinton is, she perhaps has heavy metal poisoning from drinking booze with cigarette butts in the glasses, as that kind of concentration of tars, might be part of the reason for the Parkinson stuff, in heavy metals like lead are in cigs, and Hillary with this drinking problem might be drinking the equivalent of Georgia tobacco farm every week.

We all should have known this was a problem, because the only time Hillary Clinton smiles is when a glass is being filled with booze. Then she is genuinely happy and glowing like a little girl getting her first ice cream cone of the season.

I realize with all the problems Hillary Clinton has, that being a drunk is considered low on the list, but yet it is high on the list, because her brain slips, body falls and  her bad judgment, all could be based in the fact that while most people have a 3 stall garage larger than their house, Hillary Clinton has an aging room of booze, where only a few things are older than Hillary Clinton, but even she is catching up with 200 year old Napoleon brandy.

It simply would be best if Hillary Clinton was at Betty Ford than at the White House.