Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Mein Kampf

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Patriot James O'Keefe in his undercover investigation of the crimes of Hillary Clinton is now setting on the precipice of a world which will tip to annihilation or a chance for survival. It is amazing that the balance of all is in the hands of those who lurk in the shadows.

Some names have appeared in the investigation in Robert Creamer and his wife, Illinois Representative, Jan Schankowsky. It is fascinating to witness some rock which a passing car knocked into the water, making tiny rippling pools, and discover that it produced a tidal wave which wiped out the world.

This is the story of Hillary Clinton's adviser who has been the guiding hand  which has dug the world into a grave. It is the strangest of things that a leftist like Adolf Hitler was put into prison to author Mein Kampf, and decades later while in prison on financial crimes, Creamer would author a like destruction of the world, based upon Sal Alinksy and his wife's experiences.
James O'Keefe and others will reveal the story of Robert Creamer meeting in the White House with Barack Obama and Joe Biden, with dozens of White House staff, and the creation of terrorists to brutalize Americans at Trump rallies.


As Breitbart News first exposed in 2009, Creamer used his prison time to work on a political manual: Listen to Your Mother: Stand Up Straight! How Progressives Can Win. In it, he devised a strategy to guide a future “progressive” president. His plan included implementing “universal health care” as a first step to other radical reforms, including amnesty for illegal aliens. Obama strategist David Axelrod called the book “a blueprint for future victories.”…

Creamer authored the entire overthrow of America, an American Genocide, a strange manifesto in the suicide of the entire White race in America, in a psychopathy which only he would understand, and which only Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would implement for those who own them.


This is a study though not of the things James O'Keefe will expose to the world, as he waits for the Obama regime to answer on the record, along with Hillary Clinton, to catch them in their lies, as more is coming in  the words which Robert Creamer sowed, with Scott Foval in this once garden of humanity to create a weed patch.

This is about how a book from prison is posted on Catholic boards to bring about the revolution in destroying Catholicism in America, as John Podesta plotted to do.

Listen to Your Mother: Stand Up Straight: How Progressives ...

Listen to Your Mother: Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win. ... Listen to Your Mother: ... Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win.

This is about wondering who would publish a book like this, Hillary Clinton's Mein Kampf, and it would be a publisher which no one can now find the owner of in Seven Lock Press, located in California.

Those who were interested in publishing their own books, discovered that they were charged 15,000 dollars for that honor, and then interestingly, Seven Lock Press, has a pattern of not being forthcoming in royalties to the authors who paid this publishing company to print their books.

 Interestingly enough, if you go to their website www.sevenlockspress.com you get the following:

PLEASE TELEPHONE 406-442-6520.


[PDF]Seven Locks - Download Main PDF
Md, Seven Locks Press Review - Publishers - Book In. Newport,. Seven. Locks ... 406-442-6520. thank you. when seven locks first published my book beauty ...

The above phone number fascinated me, as it was not a California number. Instead it is listed for Helena Montana, and for a law firm there.

Squires & Shontz in Helena, MT 59601 - ChamberofCommerce.com

Squires & Shontz is located at the address 208 N Montana Ave Ste 205 in Helena, Montana 59601. They can be contacted via phone at (406) 442-6520 for pricing, hours ...

The problem in all of this is, this law firm specializes in accidents, divorce and trusts, so what on earth is a California publishing company listing a Montana law firm as their number, in the area of publishing in dealing with people who are interested in paying for publication of their books?

Squires & Shontz is located at the address 208 N Montana Ave Ste 205 in Helena, Montana 59601. They can be contacted via phone at (406) 442-6520 for pricing, hours and directions. Squires & Shontz specializes in Auto Accidents, Divorce & Family, Trusts.

Squires & Shontz has an annual sales volume of 501K - 999,999. .For more information contact John Shontz, Principal

That is what is fascinating in this, as this is where Hillary Clinton's Mein Kampf ends, as there are no links out of Montana online to explain how all of this strange situation, other than a decade ago the attorney was donating to the Montana Democratic Party, and Senator Max Baucus, the power politician of Montana.

John Shontz - $250 in Political Contributions for 2006

John Shontz - $250 in Political ... Shontz, John HELENA, MT 59601: Self/Attorney: $250: 03/09/2005: P: MONTANA DEMOCRATIC PARTY - Democrat Search:


ATTORNEY$400 09/24/2001 P FRIENDS OF MAX BAUCUS - Democrat

Wikileaks focused on Max Baucus and his associations with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, especially as Baucus was the go to guy in pushing this through.

Set to carry out this agenda were two Capitol Hill veterans, schooled in the monied. Washington culture, chief of staff Rehm Emanuel and deputy chief of staff Jim Messina. . Emanuel was a former fundraiser, Clinton administration official, investment banker and member of the Democratic leadership in Congress. Messina was the former campaign manager and chief of staff to the powerful Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus. Both were known for their unparalleled legislative abilities.

Because of Obama's decision to develop a plan operating through the legislative process, members of Congress also played key roles. Early on, the pharmaceutical companies were told to deal directly with Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus . Baucus would be the vehicle for the deal worked out behind the scenes by the White UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05767167 Date: 08/31/2015

Mysteries are an enigma in all of this, as the attorney is Executive Director of the Montana Newspaper Association too, and advocated the public's right to know in information being forthcoming.

A Conference panel consisted of newspaper reporters / editors and John Shontz, who is Executive Director of Montana Newspaper Association. The panel explained that Montana Constitution has the strongest provision on the public‟s right to know in the US.

 Unless Donald Trump is in the White House, we are never going to know what the links are in the strange associations which make absolutely no sense, nor the depths of the crimes against humanity of Hillary Hamrod Clinton.