Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Honest Mike and Lying Tim


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For those who missed it, EVIL was over Tim Kaine's shoulder, SUFFER was over Mike Pence's shoulder, and he certainly suffered over Tim Kaine for two hours.

In studying the Mike Pence and Tim Kaine exchange, I am certain the liberals will be ejaculating again with pleasure over Kaine's performance, but there were two things which struck me.

First, I was creeped out in Tim Kaine is actually someone who lies more than Bill and Hillary Clinton combined. Tim Kaine is whatever creature is beyond a pathological liar. I have never witnessed anyone so discomforting as Tim Kaine.

Second, the name Beelzebub comes to mind in watching Tim Kaine. It was like watching Satan's evil little brother in watching Tim Kaine.

One can not have a debate when Tim Kaine is lying and the CBS moderator is with her purple nails doing everything in her scope to be the devil's helper.

I had thought Hillary Clinton was the definition of evil, but Tim Kaine usurped that easily.

The scariest thing is, this thing is what America is stuck with if Hillary Clinton goes toe tag. Honestly after watching Tim Kaine, I know there is something worse in this world than Hillary Clinton, and that is Tim Kaine.