Thursday, October 20, 2016

Madam Resident

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As we are deluged with Hollywood Mockingbird of Madam President and Madam Secretary, there now needs to be another title for Webb Hubble's daughter, known  as Chelsea Clinton, as she occupies a strange water cooler annoyance spot in all things Clinton, in being the snitch tattling on everyone, being the shrew everyone wants to get rid of, but is stuck with, and the mouth that will not keep shut, but the nose that sticks itself into every one's business.

Seriously, babysitting Chelsea and the cringing that the Clinton junta did in seeing it was Chelsea in email or on the phone must have been priceless.

Clown Lips Chelsea though gives in  the  Wikileaks a real insight into what a group of liars, swindlers and creeps the Clinton's employ, matching the Clinton's own well verse of lies and crimes.

Chelsea writes under

One of the best emails is the one about Hillary server guy, Justin Cooper installing spyware on the Foundation computers. The part I really like is this one:

- Ilya believes Hannah and Justin have taken significant sums of money from my parents personally - some in expenses - cars, etc. - and others directly

Ilya is Ilya.....and there are allot of Ilya's at the Clinton circle, but this one is Ilya Aspis, who is the spy on Justin Cooper. Hannah is unknown, but Cooper appears in another espionage project where the Secret Service is tattling on Cooper via Mr. Chelsea, concerning Cooper ordering the Secret Service to lie over some parking situation.

You will appreciate this part too in people were threatening each other in the Foundation:

Doug told Jon Davidson he was never going to forgive him for not reporting that Dad met with John (ie you John) on Sunday and that how could Jon forget who he really worked for - Doug told Terry Krinivic she would never work again in this town if she didn't back him up on everything

This one from Madam Resident is from London and you will appreciate the humor in the highlighted part as this is about influence pedaling and how the Clintons did not want to be compared to money whore Tony Blair sucking in money.
Yes Chelsea says Billion Dollar Bill Clinton would have horrified if people thought he was a money whore taking bribes.....Seriously Chelsea apparently thinks all this quid pro quo was just oligarchs loving on the Clintons and not dead LaVoy Finicums.

voiced concerns directly to me about Teneo, neither of whom I know well (one of whom is a friend of one of Marc's old colleagues, ie we know only tangentially) and Sara Latham (whom Victoria and Jennifer, I do know well - she worked for my Dad in the WH and lives in London) voiced serious concerns to Bari - including telling her Ilya has called Members of the House and Members of Parliament, "on behalf of President Clinton," for Teneo clients (eg for Andrew Liveris and Dow who's coming this month to London), without my father's knowledge and inelegantly and ineffectually at best and at worse has now precipitating people in London making comparisons between my father and Tony Blair's profit motivations.Which would horrify my father.
Madam Resident also had to force the Clinton Foundation to cough up money to pay the bills. This one is rich, considering the Haitians were screaming the Clinton Foundation stole over a billion dollars from them in disaster relief, and with all of that money the Foundation would not even pay the bills of people who were there doing some pro bono work.
Podesta the minder must have loved this one.

John - one thing to raise with Laura when you think the timing is right is > the outstanding expenses bill the CF/ CBHF has with McKinsey. My friend Eric > was the partner who led the work McKinsey did pro bono + expenses for the > CF/ CBHF and the IHRC in Haiti for more than a year and their expenses have > not yet been paid. Eric did not want to reach out to me but after Laura hung > up on him last week - after not responding to any of the formal bills or > formal emails or Eric's emails 

Now that I have posted enough soap opera distractions so the brats and the dangerous people will have stopped reading this far,  I politely am telling all of you people who have not donated, to stop reading here, as you do not deserve to have access to the following information. I need the big donation for our home for our safety while you are sitting with stocks and living in luxury, so just click off here and prove that you are not what you really are, in stealing the insight God gives me.

Now for the rest of you who belong here, the Lame Cherry is going to explain something in matter anti matter which no one ever has on the Clinton Foundation and what it really is. Like most of you these societal engineering foundations have no interest at all as you have seen one Ford, you have seen them Warren Buffett all.
The Clinton Foundation though is different and I did not realize it, until I started reading the Chelsea Clinton emails, because that is where the real secrets are of what is taking place. I will start this off with the revelation that the Clintons are not in charge of that foundation.

What caught my attention as odd, were the above quotes in the IT or tech guys seemed to be running the foundation. Pardon my street expression, but this is Bill and Hillary Fucking Clinton we are talking about, and yet we find Chelsea reporting that people are looting the foundation, installing spyware and coercing the Secret Service to lie, and there is not a hint that these people are terrified of the Clintons in ending up like Vince Foster. It begs the question in how can a pair of low level twerps be pulling what they are pulling?

I will explain this, but it is important that you read this Chelsea email to John Podesta which had a number of forwards in it, as if you have any intelligence it should floor you: 
Date: 2011-11-11 08:28 
 Subject: Re: Executive Staff Meeting/Call with John Podesta

and >> > build it in such a way that supported his work and mom's (Doug >> > apparently >> > kept telling my dad I was trying to push him out, take over - and Dad >> > kept >> > asking him - has she said that to you? To anyone? She's never said it to >> > me >> > and I think she's been very clear and consistent in her goals, etc.). >> > Doug >> > kept saying how could you not be grateful - so my father said he was >> > grateful, and then kept repeating the above.

 To lay the groundwork in the above, this is Doug Band and Justin Cooper. Both of them are nobodies to the world, and yet the context of the above is in 2011, they are the leads going into China with Bill Clinton and Clinton is harping at them not to overstep in China.

Then comes the quote of these two are browbeating Bill Clinton. They are lying to him, in telling him they need a COO to give presence to the Foundation, and that Chelsea is the choice and Bill and Hillary are going to be shown the door.
A bewildered Bill Clinton is sitting there in this pounding from these two employees, asking, "Is my daughter performing a coup and getting rid of us?"
Band and Cooper will not answer, but just keep pounding on old Bill.

That is absolutely stunning, because there seems a gulf between Chelsea and her parents, as Bill is not calling his kid up and asking what the hell is going on with HIS FOUNDATION. It seems odd until you get the explanation.

This all looks like Chelsea married that Jew who was connected to the cartel mafia. The real cartel which runs the world, and told Hillary to take a dive against Obama for punishment over Bill's sale of Asian uranium to China for a 10 million dollar cut.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are not in charge of jack or shit. The Clinton Foundation is a front, and they are the figureheads to get the workings of the US regime to cut the deals for the cartel as Mrs. Clinton was managing the State Department for this cartel, which is what installed Obama into the White House and has been redrawing all the dope, sex, weapons and oil boundaries around the world.
It is extensive and why LaVoy Finicum was murdered in Oregon, and the FBI went gonzo over all of this in covering up the crimes, because this is commerce and James Comey is one of the assets, as is Loretta Lynch etc...

It explains a  bit why this mafia took a few shots in Delaware at the Biden mansion to tell the Delaware syndicate to back off and not run for President challenging this cartel group backing Hillary Clinton. It is why that cryptic message from Biden's staff assistance to John Podesta makes sense in his not liking bringing on the demise of Joe Biden, but happy to jump ship and be rewarded by the Clinton campaign.

This group who Chelsea Clinton married into as their princess, is beyond the Arkansas mafia which had dead bodies showing up around the Clintons. This is the group which bodies in Washington DC appeared and it was all covered up.

It all makes sense now, and proves what the Lame Cherry stated in Hillary Clinton built that server for the purpose of allowing a portal into the United States government's secret structure. This was the door and Hillary Clinton was the figurine on the front step in which the keys to the kingdom was hidden under.

In another revelation, it gives insight why the Clintons appear so obsessed with money and being so criminal blatant about it all. Yes they have voids in their souls, but that money is not about Hillary cashing in, that money is their cut in the cartel operations, and they have to take it. It is the inside joke of the cartel in paying their whores for services rendered so the Clintons never forget they are employees.

That is why these IT guys are browbeating Bill and running roughshod over the entire group. Podesta is connected, but you will never see him putting anything into writing or touching these two golden boys, because the golden boys are working for the lords and priests who have the real power.
The gaping wound of the Clinton Foundation exposed all of this, and it was only exposed here for the first time.

Notice what Band and Cooper kept repeating to Bill Clinton, "How could you not be grateful?" and Bill was timidly answering, "I am grateful". Lord God, I hope you children and brats get this bullying and what it means, and how on the leash and under orders Bill and Hillary Clinton are. This is the most astounding revelation ever uncovered in the cartel is in charge of the Clinton Foundation and Bill and Hillary Clinton are just hookers for public display.

I had originally started this post as a filler, as people get bored with reading of sick old criminal Hillary Clinton, and the spin was to shine some light on Chelsea Clinton, because she really is not that bright. Her emails and vacuousness prove that.
She does not know the difference between THEIR and THERE.

one of my friends from college whom I > think you know Mattie Johnstone lives their with her husband
In reading the emails though the Inspiration from the Holy Ghost though revealed something to me which everyone has missed, and something I had not expected at all. I like most people presumed the Clintons were pretty established in power, while I knew there was some type of mafia behind them for the bodies piling up.
As I cared little about what these two were up to, I never paid any attention to what they were doing beyond noting this was a socio conglomerate foundation meant to undermine America. The Wikileaks though in the emails reveal that that the Clinton's are pawns, Chelsea has value for the next political whore to the cartel, bu the real power is the cartel which established this entire money, power and access laundering front. It is quite brilliant as while other NGO's are given orders to overthrow nations, the Clinton Foundation's purpose was to hack the entire United States operating system which it now controls, as the pieces of land in America are carved off for the mafia possessions.

This is really fascinating stuff, and the cartel deserves a great deal of respect for pulling this off, and using the Clinton's for cover.

That should be enough of a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, as those who plagiarize this work will need time to catch up to where I live in the future.

Oh and that spyware, someone in the cartel was building their own blackmail files on every Congress person who logged into the Clinton Foundation, along with their family, media contacts, friends and donors.

We leave this now with the email on the day Hamrod's mum cashed it in, with the background in this that an independent audit by Victoria Bjorkland had uncovered massive problems, and she had spoken to Doug Band, who then pounced on Bill Clinton, and Bill took it.

Ido not know what happened with Victoria and Jennifer today when they spoke to Doug, after having talked to, I think, Terry and John earlier today, in addition to having spoken previously with my Dad, me, Cheryl and Bruce. Doug called and yelled and screamed at my Dad about how could he do this to Justin and him, he would be nothing without him, etc. My Dad responded that he could not have this conversation with Doug and that he was trying to do the right thing by all. I cannot believe Doug did this on the day my grandmother died.

The complete proof that the Clinton's are nothing but gnomes on the lawn at the Clinton Foundation for the cartel running this espionage ring.

One more to enjoy.

- today that Doug reached out to someone at Harry Walker (who represents my father on all speaking arrangements), to ask for a full list of all his speeches, how much he was paid for each speech, and told the contact person at Harry Walker that all speeches should now go through him, not Terry Krinivic (the scheduler)

This is the global mafia that Hillary Clinton is turning America over to, as they made her an offer she can not refuse.

From left  to right: United Arab Emirates