Monday, October 17, 2016

The Clinton and Dagger of Julian Assange

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Inquiry will fill in the details of what the headlines and Wikileaks is not providing.

Assange's internet link intentionally severed by state party - WikiLeaks

I am not going to waste filler in making you read the post to clean a few bits, as the non donors living in luxury while I suffer have other things to it is mostly I am tired and need to focus on posting things to help Donald Trump open his landslide margin against Hamrod.

As all have now forgotten that Julian Assange let everyone down in extracting a signed pardon post dated illegally by President Hillary Clinton, so THEE DOCUMENTS were not dumped which would have ended Pussy Grab and put Hamrod into a coma, we now have the drama of the new Assange isolation.

This is what inquiry states and it will now all make sense if you have been paying attention to what was posted here.

The "state party" is the Obama regime, which has now illegally violated the laws of Great Britain and initiated an act of war against the Ecuadorian Embassy where Mr. Assange is now cut off from the world in this electronic warfare.
None of this has to do with state security, but the same image Obama lying and using American security to cover up Clinton crimes to help her steal this election.

This all has to do with those hashtags which Wikileaks published. Those were not access codes to open documents, but were FILE NUMBERS. Wikileaks was telling the NSA the exact files it was about to publish as a warning..........because something none of you have figured out is ELECTRONIC FILES STOLEN are not removed from NSA servers. The NSA knows damn certain as does the Obama regime what has been hacked, and what crimes are involved in them.
Hence Pussy Grab lies were created to try and cover up what was supposed to be released, as CNN and the Clinton Presstitutes will not cover the Clinton crimes.

You must understand that Assange has his pardon.......of course it can be broken. The problem is the inside the shadows persons of interest who hacked all of this information, and still have it. They are still leveraging their options, and we will not know what they will do, until they dump the documents.
At this point, they are pressuring with the fluff of crimes, and are keeping the stuff that would have the pitchfork mob unleashed, because that is their protection so they will not be droned.

Assange though was still communicating and directing this, and has his part, and that is why this act of war has been initiated.

I will repeat in this, that a citizen named Hillary Clinton, has illegally had the NSA of American Security, illegally acting on her behalf in coordination with the Obama regime, illegally, all to illegally cover up Clinton crimes, and illegally commit an act of terrorism in a foreign nation of England, against a foreign sovereign embassy in Ecuador illegally, in an illegal act of terrorism against Julian Assange.

If you noticed in this the world ILLEGALLY keeps cropping up, as this is a civilian having an entire Obama regime implementing illegal acts to cover up Hillary Clinton's crimes with acts of war and terrorism.

That is the story in this and now you rich people can go off pretending how wonderful you are passing along the others side of the road, past my crippled corpse instead of making that big donation in penance.

Now you can go pretend how all knowing you are the rest of the day. Now SHOO!!!!