Friday, October 14, 2016

The Clinton Bims

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was tallying up the pussy I grabbed today.........three, no five......

Then this week, it is like ten, twenty.......hell they can call me a pussy grabbin' fool.

I got cats up the ass, and that is a normal phrase, not like Anderson Cooper with gerbils up his ass.

I have a kitty sleeping on my lap as I type this and now due to more Clinton debauchery people reading this are thinking of other kitties in lewdness.

This business about all these women appearing in the Brock Bimbos for Hillary Clinton, revealing what a bunch of psycho bitches are in America, makes one wonder about that Miss Utah getting involved, as now all of these women are going to be so austracised as loons, that America is  going to have two kinds of women due to Hillary Clinton and John Podesta smears.

1. The Donald Trump women who are protected by Mr. Trump from Clinton rape.

2. The Clinton women who are exploited by the Clintons and dumped on the side of the back alley.

Seriously, these women are out there. The one woman on the jet has been caught lying over seats in an aircraft and then she tells Anderson Cooper that she was felt up for 15 minutes. Seriously, there is a statue of limitations on things in 1.5 seconds is unwanted advances, and 15 minutes is using a man as a free prostitute.
Since his air ride female is voting Hamrod, I am assuming she assumed the position to save batteries and used a man, to be green.

Then there is this other bim, who said she was felt up in a dark night club, a stone age ago, didn't know the man was D. Trump until now, and she claims the dude made pussy contact with her through her panties.

This group of Clinton bims is ridiculous. This would not even be reported unless there was bribery involved to keep the Clinton cronies out of prison. The real crime in this like the fat Miss Universe is the Clintons exploiting more women.

Sean Homo Hannity was reporting today that in Wikileaks there was a trolling email in the fag Clinton campaign to POST FAKE DONALD TRUMP CRAIGSLIST POSTS FOR JOBS. That is a crime in impersonating a business and harming it. 

Posted FAKE 'Sexist Trump Job Ads' On CRAIGSLIST...

For those who need reminding, the Lame Cherry by God's Grace predicted all of this before the Second Debate in Hillary was going Bimbo Bimbo Bimbo.   What astounds me in this is how always fag the Clinton campaign is. I mean, instead of just stopping with a couple of psycho bitches, the Clinton's have to keep putting out there women with pussy grab stories, so now it is a fucking joke. People are not believing any of this and now are convinced this is more Clinton smears in the old LIE, DENY and VILIFY of the 1990's.   It seems bizarre and is a lunatic strategy, but the Clintons with Podesta came up with, "Well since Bill is a rapist and Hillary buys Muslim girls for sex, lets accuse Donald Trump of pussy grabbin' to hide all of our crimes."
The one thing you never do is bring up anything which is going to expose your worst flaws. Seriously you have these Clinton bims who are unbalanced, and then you have the women who have been raped by the Clintons, who have exact details and fought off the Clinton attacks.
Yet the Clinton Podesta campaign decided to try and one up this all in a reality tv of real Clinton criminal charges being drowned out by the smears of the Clinton bims.





Now here is a Lame Cherry exclusive in what was discussed in the Clinton campaign and it was spoken of in bringing forward women who would have been underage at the time in accusing D. Trump without evidence. Clinton Podesta waved that off, because it would have triggered a police investigation, and within 5 minutes the police would have figured out that someone from the Clintons had paid this unbalanced woman to file a false claim and then the cops would be hauling away Hillary Clinton.
Do not overlook in this carefully constructed pussy smear, that the Clintons DO NOT WANT AUTHORITIES INVOLVED as they would be exposed, along with their consorts and they would all be facing indictment.

President Donald Trump will get to the bottom of this, and people will go to prison for this in the Clintons. The literal survival of all Americans is at stake. It is though a reality that every time these leftists get power you get this kind of debauchery.

Take a historical review:

Jimmy Carter: Lust in my heart

Ronald Reagan: Shining City on a Hill

George H. W. Bush: 1000 Points of Light

Bill Clinton: Bimbo Eruptions

George W. Bush: I hear ya, and the terrorists will soon hear ya

Barack Obama: Rainbow White House

and now the choice is:

Donald Trump: Make America Great Again

Hillary Clinton: Pussygate.

 I choose Donald Trump as with Hillary Clinton stealing this election and stealing 2020 by police state thugs, will have headlines about raping our children in the White House, Congress and Walmart as national policy.

Clinton Bims is a creation of the Lame Cherry, all rights reserved, except those who use it to #ClintonBims as a chat phrase to drive these sinful and evil Clintons from the public stage.
Just remember if it was not Donald Trump, Ted Cruz would be getting this same smear as would Jeb Bush.