Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Guns of Attrition

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I was listening to some intelligent people on the Rense program discussing how Americans would rise up, and how things would change once Hillary Clinton cracked down and began implementing her policies of world order, and it fascinated me in Preston James and Professor Fetzer in how competent they are, missed how Hillary Clinton will be completely successful and there will not be any uprising at all.

I know this, you know this and the cartel knows this, because the regime put out a video of LaVoy Finicum being murdered and his corpse handcuffed, and not one of those Northwest Patriots did a thing. The Bundy's are in prison being abused and the Mormons did not a thing.
None of this is to ever advocate violence as I teach you to never become a target, but it is to point out that an American was murdered and Americans imprisoned, and with a few paid trolls word scorching sites online, and with the right wing press affirming it all, not one thing was done about this, and the cartel watched this live fire incident and now has the proof that anything Hillary Clinton does will not have any reaction but a few incindiary keyboard complaints, and it will be life in the gulag one more day.

I have heard the "talking points" from Sean Homo Hannity in stating, "Well after this election we are talking a new party". For the moron shooting bullets at the moon, which is the redneck theme song of Hannity, I simply point out again, when Obama stole two elections, and key seats were flipped in Republican states like North Dakota, what in this world is another political party going to do, but have an election stolen from it.

It comes down to Donald Trump in how he handles this and how his supporters respond to his judgments in this election, because there will never be another Donald Trump allowed after this fraud election season. There will not be any more free elections and you will be the last generation of Americans, as you are being replaced by Obama invaders.

By God's Grace, I am going to tell you exactly how Hillary Clinton is going to take your rights away, and each of you is going to take it. I know you have your illusions of being Patriots, but you are not. The first sign of trouble and most of you are like my disappearing brother for all of your armed mouthy banter of how American you are.

Tom Gresham of Gun Talk actually hit upon this the past month as he attempted to get the gun moron to vote for Donald Trump to save America, but I will expand upon his thought process.

You must understand that Hillary Clinton will not come for all of your guns, no more than they came for all of the guns in Australia or England. She has told you exactly what she intends to do, and that is to re enact the Clinton Assault Weapons ban.
As Obama has now profited the gun makers to billions of dollars in foreign manufacture, Hillary Clinton will have a few gun incidents of wild white people shooting things up, and the media pawns will activate the talking points and immediately there will be a ban on "certain" classes of firearms.

As the Clintons have a history of event manipulation, it will begin with the staged events, then criminalizing a segment of the gun owners in having "unnecessary" weapons, followed by more fake polls as those for Hillary Clinton, and then notices in the mail that people with these weapons will have 30 days to comply.

There will be BATFE moles again like Hutatree ramping up some boobs in the woods, where a concentration of them will be gathered and like Oregon, there will be something mixed up like Waco with tanks and drones, and when the shock and awe of it is over, perhaps a few times, Americans will be cowed enough, after witnessing their neighbors dragged out of their homes for gun violations and people will just once againg hope they are left alone to watch their big screen tv's again.

Do not though be a fool in this in thinking that the above is the only plan, as this is going to come at you from multiple fronts, as with John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's cheating at debates has revealed she is usually loaded with a full clip of numerous strategies in case her first attempt is rebuffed.

This is where the "No Fly List" and the "Mentally Unstable List" appears. You do realize that both are a violation of a Citizen's rights and no one says a thing. An agency just puts you on a list with the claim your name popped up on something or some VA doctor reports a Veteran on nutso meds.
This will be a main tactic in this multi dimensional warfare. It will be simple to criminalize Americans, because it begins with the BATFE gun form list being transferred to the No Fly List.
The No Fly List then becomes the "no gun sales list" and in the Catch 22, you are on a Federal Government list where a myriad of agents will begin knocking on your doors to intimidate you, to turn in your weapons, as the propaganda will note, "These people are on a No Fly List and if they can not fly on airplanes then why should they have firearms in your neighborhood. We must keep you safe."

The regime will leave you with some guns. The regime though will jack gun dealer licenses through the roof, along with firearms and ammo worse than Obama, and by attrition you will find laws as in Sweden in making the Swedes disarm as "You have an old rolling block and the regime states you can not hunt moose with it in being underpowered, so it has no purpose, will not be grandfathered in, so you must turn these firearms in to the regime".

That is how all of these European, Austrailian and Canadian nations have been disarmed. Canada has strict handgun laws, as Canadians could not possibly have need for any dangerous weapon like that, as look what happens in America.

For those who think they would fight or resist, you will not. You will be just like the Indians in the British Empire, who had their gun rights banned. They hid their few remaining weapons under their floors, because when it comes down to an AR 15, ties into confiscation of your home, putting you in jail for 10 years and a 10,000 dollar fine, you will cough up that weapons faster than a cootie. It is the way things in conditioning work. You will give up a right to die in a luxury slowly in the gulag.

I realize there are those who are reading this smugly in thinking, "Well I do not own guns or my guns are from Grampa so there is no record of them so I am safe", but they miss the point of Oregon in the FBI revealed that they troll every word you write or speak.
Their Sting Ray which grabs your computer and cell phone signals out of the air spying on everyone, has all of your records.

Ever been a Birther? How about repeated a conspiracy? Ever been taken off of Facebook? Believe in Jesus coming back? How about liking that Constitution?
Half of the above were already putting people on terror watch lists in the 1990's from the Clintons and state police across America were stopping people with bumper stickers and being moved into an alert, just for those beliefs.
Believe the wrong thing, and you get on a No Fly List, and once there, you can be denied the internet and be hauled into court to answer for what you said.

The regime makes a few arrests in public at work, drags people out of their homes at 3 AM, ruins a few notable people in millions of dollars in court costs, and each of you will shut up as you see what happens when you type things or say things.

The Hillary regime will get exactly what they want. They have been telling you for years from confiscating private wells to driving ranchers off of their land for conglomerate takeover by the BLM, to that toilet you have is a bio hazard as it uses too much water........better put you on a No Fly List too.

This will not be focused on the Hillary mob, as they will get passes on these lists, but will focus on Reagan and Trump country, and every pundit you listen to will tell you to wait for the next election (It will be stolen again) and for you to not do anything, but just keep listening to Rush Limbaugh.

There really needs something to be pointed out in this, because people will be disheartened in reading the above and they will think they have to do something. WRONG. The only thing you can do is keep yourself from being a target, because you in jail or dead is not going to solve anything.
The people behind the Iron Curtain or the Great Wall learned to survive and you will too.

You must get this point, that your trying to resist will not do any good. America is too large for you to cause any effect. Individuals can not accomplish anything but getting themselves into trouble which is the last thing you or your family needs.
It is why the cartel behind this created this situation as it is, in they have seized the controls, criminalized you and made you helpless in the distances, as nothing you do will stop this.

For any uprising, it would require the military, the police state and at least 1/3rd of the Citizens. It requires the machinery to revolt or you end up like the Turks, being ass raped by the Muslim regime and legally murdered by it.

As drones and robotics take more control, the control will be more draconian and complete. This is something then that it would require a much larger power than you as in Jesus return or Eurasians to bring down the grid and invade, in which whatever America appeared on the other side is not ever going to be the one you think you grew up in.

You have been empowered though so do not feel helpless, as once one knows what is coming, and how, you are not going to react to your harm, but be able to not panic, enjoy the confines you are in, and in your heart keep the mystery of freedom alive, until you do something stupid like telling your trusted neighbor who turns you in for a jar of jelly.

When Hillary Clinton comes for your guns, she will have already had people conditioned to turn in their guns, and you bargaining to keep your gulag home in exchange for turning in your guns, as you have seen the dramas on television of shoot outs of the desperate few, which by that time will be nothing any of you are interested in.

Donald Trump is America and the world's last hope. It is why the cartel is so against him. I will though have more on that too, as an explanation for your further empowerment. You though have to stop believing in illusions of uprisings and revolutions. This cartel has been disarming you of every right willingly for generations, and now has sodomized America and it is now law against God.

You know what will happen if Hamrod steals this, so no reason to panic or react. You just comply like Obamacare and then pretend that you are in the land of the free and the home of the brave, because that is what the cartel expects, and punishes with extreme prejudice those who disagree.

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