Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Hag Bag

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder about robbing from the poor.

No I do not mean like in Chicago where poor organized Obama folks rob and kill other poor organized Obama folks, but like I experienced today.

So I was in the Thrift Store which is really a great study in human psychopathy and there was this blonde......bottle blonde, like platinum bottle blonde, boy cut old woman.

She was dressed in her type, as you know, the kind that wears lots of scarves looking things. You know the burkah elite whose husbands are doctors, lawyers, millionaire merchants and whatever. No veils mind you, except on their kindness, but just those women who look like they have an endless array of flowing things that make them look like a banshee in a Scottish moor.

She was grumpy. TL said TL got a sort of smile movement out of her lips, but for me it was stone cold statue stuff.

I was not paying much attention to her, as she was crabby, but we got behind her in line at the checkout, so I started studying her.

She was buying the things her rich friends probably had thrown away.....and it did not occur to her, as she was buying these flowing things, so that she could look nice for her rich friends she has meetings and coffee with, so they do not on the way home and say, "Did you see Sharon had on the same thing she wore a few weeks ago".
(Now they will text, "Was that not your flowing wrap Sharon had on that you donated to charity?"

Any way, so I am studying this pristine woman, who looked dusty in her clothes and shoes, and then I noticed the bling. I mean like holy horse nuts Hannah!!!
Her husband probably lives in terror of being jacked off for all the gold and diamonds this woman had on, as lifting that a hundred times a day must give her a power whore grip like one gets from street prostitutes who battle bums in dumpsters for food from 5 star restaurants.

Any way, like I was looking at this jewelry. TL figured the one ring was 20,000 as it was diamonds galore, three decker, white gold and those stones caught light. I figured that what she had on her hands, I could buy a place to live in with enough room for a puppy.

I wondered about her in the reality she was in, as money does not buy happiness, as this was one miserable old woman. It must be hard in plotting out her plans like Hillary Clinton in all she has, and finding out that there is never enough to fill the void, and all she has left now is money is not making her happy and she is old and the grim reaper will be appearing.

To have the entire world, all that money, apparently a husband who buys as many diamonds as South Africa has, and this woman in order to try to keep up appearances is  so tight she is out sorting through the racks with the Mexicans, as not being gossiped about by a bunch of shallow old rich bags is all she has in life.
Hell of a prison really and she probably does her charity work for deductions and pictures in the paper too, in she never has hands on associations with people or knows the fulfillment of just being good to be good.

Frankly, I would be afraid to wear that many sharp edges. If it was Hillary Clinton on blood thinner that old gal would probably bleed out lacerating her arm scratching it, as it was hard to see her fingers for all the metal and rock on those hands. It just stuns me in people who have so much, that they have absolutely nothing in it is obvious no one care about this old bat in her family, friends or community she has chosen, because they all betray her, judge her, and she has to be on guard........especially around those poor folk as she would probably be kidnapped, held for ransom, where 12 sweaty men in wife beaters made her serve them beer and chips, bend over and bark like a dog............I digress, but I suspect that is what those women's fantasies are, as they do not get it at home, except being ridiculed by their small penis, large wallet husbands.

That about sums it up in I feel sorry for that gal, like that dufus well to do teacher I detest, who today,  TL was trying to figure out why he was in the bakery, sitting on stool beside the donut case, playing peek a boo with the Indochinese old doctor..........
I kid you not. Old Grumpy Gummer was entertaining himself today doing that, while his Filipino wife who no one has ever seen, must be at home praying he never returns, so she can spend some of the inheritance on more than bamboo rings.

Just perplexes me yet in how people can be so imprisoned by being rich, in they have no adventures or joys in life, in money just jails them into a misery where they are always worried about what the other richtards are thinking, as they need worthless souls to validate the lie that they are not completely worthless.