Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Hillary Clinton Criminal Syndicate


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There are no more adjectives or descriptions to draw attention to the absolute evil which Hillary Clinton is, with the Obama regime, her oligarchs and the media, because it is so anti American and out of the foundations of all lawful order, that it crushes the psyche as each day there appears a new pile of documents exposing thee most heinous of criminal acts.

James O'Keefe who has been working for years to expose corruption conducted and undercover investigation of Hillary Clinton, and discovered that the Clinton campaign employs through several funding slights of checkbook a group of "rent a riot" terrorists who are employed from California, to Colorado, to Illinois to North Carolina.

In listening to these taped confessions from the Clinton insiders, who are managed by Mook and Podesta for Hillary Clinton, one hears on them soulless fiends. These creatures laugh about the terrorism which they are being paid to carry out against Americans.

In one instance, a Clinton operative states that he calls up the ALFCIO when he wants an operation to take place in Arkansas. The Union promises to find the correct redneck thug who will get the violence done and the intimidation is carried out, exactly as Larry Nichols stated the Clinton's always operated in the 1990's.

These Hillary terrorists literally took credit for beating up an old woman in North Carolina at a Trump rally. The terrorism in Chicago was this group of terrorists. The Californians who were chased down the street and beaten, as this terror group too.

In another instance, a confession takes place in their seeking out bums on the street. They hire them, take them to a hotel for a bath, and food, and then set these thugs loose on Trump supporters at the rallies to assault these Americans.

Mr. O'Keefe has been conducting numbers of investigations from having politicians in New York admit that they bus loads of "voters" around to vote, to the admission that there is a great deal of vote fraud there.

Never in American history, has there been a political party, led by an oligarch owned Clinton crime family, ever terrorized Americans like this. This is not just Boss Tweed in New York or the Dailey Machine in Chicago. This is national. This is paid for by the oligarch billionaires who want this American Police State to crush Donald Trump in this election and to hunt down Trump supporters after this election.

This is literal terrorism being created and directed out of the Clinton campaign, to employ rent a rioters across America. This is the stuff of Crimes against Humanity, but the American people are helpless to do anything about this, as the FBI is protecting this criminal syndicate and Homeland is hounding Americans, as it projects out in James O'Keefe was silenced from Twitter, the exact day that this new investigation was being released to cover all of this up.

Donald Trump is the last chance Americans have, because what Hillary Clinton and image Obama have unleashed on America is the stuff of the most draconian periods in human history.
Americans are now literally being hunted by terrorists in the employ of Hillary Clinton and the FBI is protecting the Clinton criminal syndicate.

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