Monday, October 10, 2016

The Trump Coup Plotters

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The absolute meltdown of Hillary Clinton in the second debate is the responsibility of John Podesta, who for weeks has been in collusion with Paul Ryan as DC Whispers broke the story, and other traitors like John Thune of South Dakota and their Mutard Governor, in the latest 100 Days operation against President Elect Donald Trump.
This was engineered as another set up of Mr. Trump about a 12 year old tape, where a bunch of perverts could feign shock, and then cast stones at Mr. Trump, with Hillary at the debate sermonizing about how virginal she was, but the fact is, Donald Trump took their nuclear option and mopped the floor with all of them.

The reality is in the presentation of women raped by the Clintons in Donald Trump as their protector, and the media went into shock.

TRUMP PRESENTS: Clinton accusers!
VIDEO: Broaddrick Relives Brutal Rapes...
Victims 'Terrified' of 'Enabler' Hillary...
Clinton Spokesman To Trump: 'Go Fuck Yourself'...

It became worse as Hillary Clinton's foreign policy adviser (she was Secretary of State remember) was so out of control, like Bill Clinton raping women and Hillary Clinton laughing about the murder and rape of Col. Khadaffi that he tweeted GO FUCK YOURSELF.

This was supposed to be the kill shot by the Clinton campaign, which has been engineered and crafted for months and it absolutely consumed them. Seriously when you are a rapist, you do not bring up the subject of Donald Trump talking about things, as everyone understands the difference.....except perhaps Bill and Hillary Clinton.

What the Lame Cherry is going to give you which is the entire story in this, is something everyone missed, and this is another matter anti matter exclusive no one else will grasp.

When Anderson Cooper attempted to entrap Mr. Trump on the "words" Mike Pence had uttered earlier in the week on policy, Donald Trump stated that was not Trump policy and Mike Pence was wrong.
I do not point this out to show a division in the Trump Pence ticket, but to explain something in how Donald Trump knows the entire situation with Mike Pence in all points........points which I have written of here, in how Pence was put on the ticket and why he is on that ticket.

What most of you missed is when Mike Pence released a statement on this Hooker Gate set up, talking about praying for Donald Trump's heart or some other kind of nonsense. Ask yourself how you would appreciate this kind of judgmental bullshit if you are a moral person as Donald Trump is.........especially when you are Mike Pence in not comprehending supposedly everything which originated in Hooker Gate, as only the Lame Cherry exposed, and Donald Trump is well aware of.
Mike Pence was quick on the draw for praying for his Boss, but was very silent on traitors like John Thune calling for Mike Pence to lead the ticket and for Mr. Trump to resign, which the President Elect is never going to do.

Donald Trump informed the world that Donald Trump is President, PERIOD. This off the page remarks which Pence has been pulling, Mr. Trump has tolerated, as an olive leaf to these Hillary Clinton 5th Column types like Paul Ryan of Big Koch....who Pence bends at the waist for. What Donald Trump did is put Mike Pence into his place as number two on this ticket where he is supposed to be. If he has some policy issue it is up to Mike Pence to get the talking points from the Trump campaign every morning at 5 am and to stick to it. PERIOD.
Mike Pence does not think. Mike Pence is Donald Trump's parrot, and Pence preening over the treacherous adulation of these traitors like Thune, outed him for what is really going on in his heart. Donald Trump saw all of this and what Donald Trump did was this in saying, "I am in charge here Mike Pence and I will fire your upstart ass whenever I chose to do it".

President Elect Donald Trump is well aware he has been betrayed, before this week. This is as exact as the Kennedy's releasing to the press the notice that Vice President Lyndon Johnson did not speak for John Kennedy.

Do not think this is something to be concerned about, but it is something Donald Trump is quite aware of, and he understands every facet of this. This last betrayal by the Clinton Conspirators had them reveal their entire hand and they lost to Donald Trump with 4 aces.

This week will be the press drooling over the Hooker Gate, until it becomes known what Nancy O'Dell was trying to hook Donald Trump with, and then once again the press and the Clinton Conspirators will be running away from it again.

Hillary Clinton attempted in her talking points to drive in the 7 nails as was published here, but Donald Trump put her on her heels and all she could talk about was what a wicked witch she was.

So the story is this:

  • The GOPliters revealed their contacts and collusion.
  • Hillary Clinton tried Hooker Gate and she got hooked in Clinton rapes
  • Mike Pence was put in his non Presidential place
  • The moderators were forced to take their hacks at Hamrod.
In every instance of the above, Donald Trump vanquished completely his coup plottersMr. Trump was literally One American against the World, and Donald Trump by God's Grace cleared the field. I have never witnessed such a completely spectacular achievement.

If you can handle one more Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, it is this, in EVERY person from Vladimir Putin to Obama ISIS terrorists witnessed what Donald Trump accomplished. They know they have a world leader on their board now who will implement Americanisms which is the best foreign policy delivered notice to the world.

I honestly conclude in this, that the only fan Hillary Clinton had was that fly loaded with maggot eggs, and it was sensing Hamrod was an impending host in the sick old woman she is.

The fact in all of this, that the treacherous enemies of America did their worse and Donald Trump's best won the day, and Hillary Clinton's best is a dull tarnish compared to President Elect Donald Trump.