Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Trump Seat Driver

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I believe that as Donald Trump continues to surge in the polls in all states and is ahead, so will win the Presidency, that the Hillary Terror which it seems every person with a keyboard has that is being paid above 5 figures, is a bit illogical in this constant advice of "What Donald Trump needs to do in the next debate".

Laura Ingraham had this stunner in Donald Trump needs to know that the moderators are not on his side. That kind of genius is so necessary in this debate as none of us was aware that Martha Raditz and Anderson Cooper were not plotting like every other media stooge against Donald Trump.

Then there is Sean Homo Hannity, who really had the juicy details in what Donald Trump needed to do..........but he teased like a soap  dropper in a men's prison, so that has yet to help Hillary Clinton prepare more ways to cheat.

If you notice in this, we have heard all of the experts telling Donald Trump what he needed to do, and when Paul Manafort, the expert got into the campaign, that was the only time that Donald Trump's upward movement slowed.

I am trying to think what it must be like to be around all of these always experts. Imagine sex with them in their continual critique as they of course lay there like boards in being the perfect sex act.
Family trips must be absolutely wonderful in every crumb is accounted for in the car, and the kiddies must pee on command at every rest stop 87.3 miles on cold days and 103.1 miles on hot days.

Anal Retentive.

Yes all of these people just know what Donald Trump just has to do, when he is already winning. If you have not noticed as your testicles are sucked up to your gizzards, it is Hillary Clinton who has been in free fall. Here are the facts:

Hillary Clinton never won the Democratic Nomination. She stole it from Bernie Sanders in Sanders won California. Hillary can not beat anything, from Bill's meat to anyone without cheating.

Hillary Clinton has been a disaster in the Mideast, Russia, Europe and Asia. That same disaster is ruining here from Khan the Islamist, Fatso Frumper and now Tim Kaine. Everything Hillary Clinton touches implodes.

Hillary Clinton can not even cheat properly. She gets secret technology in augmented contact lenses, uses a teleprompter, turns up Mr. Trump's mic, has Lester Holt debate for her, has her Scrotum Man clean up her crimes and he gets caught on camera.....and has him appear cleaning up after Tim Kaine so is a problem again, and everyone is convinced in America now what a cheat Hillary Clinton is.

Hillary Clinton is sick as in dying. Every person in America thinks she is terminal and is wondering when she is going to croak.

Hillary Clinton is not wanted by anyone and now Tim Kaine is not wanted by anyone. 

BIDEN RALLIES: I Know Some of You Not Crazy About Hillary!

When reviewing the above, why in the hell would anyone think they have to give advice to Donald Trump, when Hillary Clinton is hacking off her political body daily. Donald Trump can phone it in from a nap and beat this woman.

What needs to be watched, and that is what the always experts need to focus on is Hillary Clinton and vote fraud. Hillary Clinton with Obama regime crimes can steal this election from Donald Trump........but again Donald Trump is well aware of the situation.

The Lame Cherry offers some advice to the experts who are so sure of what Donald Trump has to do, and that is stop revealing how uninformed, desperate and scared you are, in thinking the revelations you have run your head into the wall for are something that Donald Trump has not been aware of for years. He has been running for President in assessing this field for decades. He owns politicians and has gotten all of the oligarchs to tell them their secrets.

The Boss knows what he is doing and that is why I never bother to tell him what to do as it is disrespectful and a waste of time.

What does need focus upon are the disasters of the Clinton Campaign. John Podesta is worse than Paul Manafort. He does not dress igloo Hillary correctly, does not present her correctly and it was his job to make sure that Hillary was not caught cheating and not to allow Frankenkaine to be created in a debate.
I swear John Podesta looks more like someone who is employed by George HW Bush, putting the hatchet to Hillary than anyone who would ever be working for Hillary Clinton.
Seriously, and I mean seriously, you have steal an election from Bernie Sanders and you do not offer him the VP in public so he can turn it down and suggest Elizabeth Warren, as this is how it should have been done....and instead Tim Kaine is the zombie choice?

Donald Trump has God. He really does not need advice. It would help if fools would stop acting like a 7 year old Rush Limbaugh telling radio station managers how to do their jobs.

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